Product Update: Supply Orders and Report Scheduling

New on Friday, October 20th

Dominion will be releasing a product update that will improve two main areas of our software: supply ordering and our report scheduler. These changes will take effect on the evening of Thursday, October 19th.

First and foremost, you will now have the ability to order supplies such as check stock and envelopes online. You can find the link 3 different locations once you have logged in. Under the payroll tab, you can click on Preview, Check Printing, or Paycheck Calculator. There you’ll find a button on the top right of the screen labeled Order Supplies. Clicking on the button will open a window that allows you to order check stock, regular and W-2 envelopes, and designate whether you want them delivered or ready for pickup.

The other big change you will notice is an update to the design and functionality of our scheduled reports. We’re giving this part of our software a slight facelift in an attempt to make it more user-friendly.

Report Scheduler Screenshot 1.PNG

The most noteworthy of changes to this section is that there are now clear areas for scheduled and non-scheduled reports. This makes it easy to see at a glance which reports, if any, are scheduled to send out upon processing payroll.

Report Scheduler Screenshot 2.PNG

You can easily add or edit a report by selecting it and entering an email address and choosing your desired frequency.

Report Scheduler Screenshot 3.PNG

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Client Solutions team at 616.248.3835 or