Product Update: Thursday, October 18th

New on Thursday, October 18th

On the evening of Thursday, October 18, 2018, you will notice a few updates to the Dominion Platform. In an effort to keep you up to date on these improvements, we have mapped out the most important changes below. Please read on so you are prepared for the changes and reach out to us at or by calling 616.248.3835 if you have any questions.

Employee Self Service - New look

The welcome screen for your Employee Self Service page has been given a fresh, updated look on both the employee and admin sides. The functionality will remain the same.

This is the view for employees.

This is the view for employees.

This is the view for Administrators.

This is the view for Administrators.

Applicant Tracking - Email Setup

Currently we no longer can support using a fake email address with our email service.  As a new option, clients will be given a setup process to use their own email server if they don’t want to use Dominion’s no reply email address. Clients will find this feature within the Email Templates area of the applicant tracking setup menu.

Job Profile Integration

Your Applicant Tracking System will now have the ability to connect the Job Profile setup to a Job Post through the Job Title. You’ll remember that Job Profiles allow you to document a Job Description and set Employee defaults for new hires, so this information can be tied into your Job Posts to further streamline this process. This can be done by selecting the Job Title in the Job Post. The Job Profile info will then populate fields within the Job Post automatically. The user then can override any fields or information they choose before saving the Job Post.

Employee Check History

The Employee Check History will be moved into the Employee Pay screen for Company Administrators to view. The check history information will be listed as a separate card under the two existing cards on the pay screen and will display the same information related to the selected employee as before.

Direct Supervisor

As part of our upcoming Performance Reviews release, a case was created to add a new Employment field to the employee record to document an employee’s direct supervisor. With the Employee Profile - Employment section we are adding a dropdown field to select a Company Admin or Supervisor user to assign to an employee. This means to use this field a client has to define all their supervisors as users.  We also plan to show this Direct Supervisor in our Employee Header object and allow Global Changes to mass assign the Direct Supervisor.