Product Update: Time Card Authorization & More

On the evening of Thursday, November 17th, we will release an update that will impact the way you use our Time & Attendance software. You can read the changes below.

Now, when you click on ‘Time & Attendance’ you will be directed to the ‘Time Card Authorization’ screen. Our software will index pages in multiples of 10 employees, so each page on the ‘Time Card Authorization’ screen will display 10 employees’ hours by default. You are able to customize this number as you see fit. 

time card authorization screen

Also, we have added a section for ‘Time Policy’ within the employee time card screen. This will show the approver which policy each employee falls under. 

You will also notice we changed the background color for the row that hosts the employee’s name in order to make it more apparent when switching through employees during the time card review/approval process. The employee’s name, time policy, and total hours will also be bolded to make it easier to find quickly. 

Missing punches will now show under ‘Not Approved’ so you can easily add the punch and move on with payroll. 

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser you may have noticed we added a scroll bar within the modules of Applicant Tracking. Applicants can now scroll using Firefox when they are looking at Employment History, Education, Professional Licenses, and References. Also, we have updated Applicant Tracking to show new records right away to reduce confusion or duplicate data entry.  

We released another update to our Benefits Administration feature. Below is a complete list of what is new:


  • When setting up plans, you can now specify plan policy information specific to age including: max age for dependent, max age for student dependents, and max age for disabled dependents. These settings can be found under the ‘Eligibility’ tab when setting up a plan.
  • Age Determination is a new field you will see under the ‘Overview’ tab when setting up a plan. This field will allow you to specify whether the age determination for the plan will be based on the individual's age at the start of the plan year, the first of the calendar year, or you can set a custom date to be used.
  • When setting up life insurance plans, you will now be able to specify whether the spouse or child is eligible for life insurance coverage, if the employee has not elected life insurance coverage. Additionally, coverage limitations can be specified for how much coverage the spouse or dependent can elect based on a percentage of how much coverage the employee elected.  
  • You will also see additional life insurance policy limitation options to allow coverage amounts based on the employee's pay. Please note these options are not functional currently, but our team is currently working to release those capabilities very soon and we'll be sure to let you know once those have been released.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Client Solutions team.
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