Product Update: Time Off Redesign

You will notice an updated user interface for the employee side of leave management. This new interface gives employees a clear view of their remaining hours by highlighting what hours they still have available and what hours are pending. This view provides a more accurate view of what hours are still available should the pending hours be approved.

Time Off Summary Page

This page has been redesigned to reflect a dashboard allowing your employees to quickly and easily assess how much time off they have and what categories their time falls into. From this screen you can submit a new time off request, or you can view the activity of a given category.

This screen can be viewed in one of two ways depending on how your company chooses to track time.

If your company chooses to see time off in real-time, you will notice a note stating when more hours will be disbursed.




Otherwise, you will see a breakdown of how many days your time allows. You can also view your request history and benefit history on the bottom right of the screen.