SaaS: Payroll GPS


One thing you should know about me—my internal compass is severely broken; I’m more directionally challenged than a caveman in the middle of Manhattan.

In other words, I can tell the difference between up and down, but that’s about it. It’s a miracle they invented the GPS; otherwise directionally deficient people like me would still be going on road trips we never intended to and rolling down the window to check the location of the sun to figure out the direction we are heading.

Just like how GPSs alleviate some of the stress involved with driving, Software as a Service (SaaS) helps businesses “navigate” many typical practices that can be tedious and stressful. Below are just four of the many benefits that SaaS can do for your business, no matter the size.

1. Simplified Payroll Process

Using SaaS gives management the chance to automate the payroll process, making it both faster and easier. Important information including start dates, end dates, check dates, type of run, tax options, and scheduled deductions are preset into the system. With the simple click of a button, employees’ direct deposit information can be sent to various banks to ensure they get paid on time.

SaaS also has the ability to confirm payroll is accurate and stays up-to-date on tax information. Instead of payroll having to remember all the different tax laws, SaaS deducts payroll-related taxes automatically and makes sure all tax laws are being met EVEN IF a business has locations in multiple states.

SaaS also allows a business’s payroll process to go paperless by eliminating the need to print W-2s, paychecks, and other payroll documents. Employees can view all their information including paychecks and past W-2s from a personal and secure login accessible anywhere they have internet connection. 

2. Frequent Updates & Upgrades 

Imagine you’re walking out of a technology store in the mall, a brand-new, version 8 laptop in hand. Not only does it have a built-in video camera, updated photo editing suite, and a wireless mouse, it promises to work faster and load quicker than your old PC by nearly 10 times. However, no sooner have you left the store that you see a big advertisement for a version 9, coming out next month. Suddenly, the new computer in your hand seems less advanced, less exciting, and less impressive.

Though technology is always improving, SaaS gives businesses the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest technology without the threat of buying prematurely. Instead of waiting to purchase something in hopes of getting a new release, continuously getting upgrades, or downloading new versions of the same software, businesses using SaaS can sit back and watch as the software updates automatically. Once the software is purchased, updates and upgrades are compatible and available for the product user, and, depending on the provider, oftentimes completely free. This allows software providers to listen to their current clients and develop more functionality to the software that fulfills their specific needs.

3. One Platform, Expandable Anytime, Anywhere

Though SaaS may continue to update on a regular basis, software isn’t the only thing upgrading—your business will too. As your organization continues to grow and expand, your technology needs and desires will follow suit.

Though it might seem manageable to oversee a company of four people and use different platforms for HR and payroll, it quickly becomes complicated when your organization spans over 20 employees and doesn’t show signs of stopping. Suddenly, having all that information available in one location is a choice that not only simplifies the duties of payroll and HR, but also increases those department’s effectiveness and efficiency.

For this very reason, SaaS provides a platform that combines various areas in one, convenient locale. Instead of HR waiting on another payroll provider to give information regarding an employee’s payment dispute, they can simply log on, receive the dispute electronically, check the punch-history records, check the payroll statements, and decide whether the claim is valid or not—all on the same platform.

Not to mention, SaaS can also be modified to meet your specific needs—just because an additional feature isn’t relevant now doesn’t mean it won’t be later. Your organization can start with the basic package, and as your size and various needs grow, you have the ability to add extra features as you see fit. SaaS allows you to advance when it makes the most sense for your individual business.

4. In For the Long-Haul

Lastly, SaaS symbolizes a continual relationship between the client and their provider. Once you purchase SaaS software, contact never stops. The provider assists in installation as well as training on how to use it. SaaS also allows you to focus on continuing to accomplish your business’s goals without getting bogged down in installation and upkeep. SaaS places the responsibility of maintenance in the hands of the provider, keeping yours free to design bridges, frost wedding cakes, or close cases.  


SaaS is a great addition to any business, and though Dominion’s doesn’t come with a robotic British voice telling you when to turn left, it can be a great navigation tool in the world of payroll.

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