Software or Customer Service?

Often times when you buy into software what you see is what you get. If you have any questions, typically all you’re left with is a general customer service email address so you submit your question into the abyss and hope they respond to you in a timely manner. While in some cases this may not be a huge deal, if you’re dealing with software that handles time sensitive information you need to know that your questions will be answered just as soon as they arise. So this begs the question - when you buy software are you forgoing customer service? Unfortunately it depends on the company.

Seek Out Your Network

Touch base with your professional network to see what softwares are working well to achieve their business objectives. Those who work in similar roles are likely having some of the same pains and problems as you, so why not tap into that resource? Some of our best clients at Dominion come from referrals because they get honest feedback from their peers about how the software works and they can attest to our amazing solutions team. 

Do Your Research

We very much operate in a digital world; it’s how we do business and how we make informed decisions. Before you decide to purchase your software it is always a good idea to read reviews and see how others are using it to meet their needs. If possible ask for references from the company you are working with. It is not uncommon for prospective clients of Dominion to seek out references on our software. The best way to know if something will work well for you is to pick someone else’s brain who will utilize the software in a similar fashion. Make sure to inquire not only about the software itself, but about the service behind the software. 

Call Support

It may seem weird, but before you commit to the purchase try calling the service team with a question and see how long it takes you to connect. If you call in as a client and not a prospect you will get a true taste of your future encounters before you decide to commit. If you’re on the phone for 45 minutes before you get connected to someone, maybe you should begin your search elsewhere. Even if you love the software, it is important to know you’ll have the support behind the platform for those days you’ll need it. 

In the end it shouldn’t come down to either software or customer service. If you do your research and are thorough you can find a solution to fit both your business needs and your service questions.