Staying Healthy at the Workplace During the Holidays

Tis’ the season of pies, sweets, turkey, gravy, and everything delicious. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and a month after comes Christmas. This time is where you want to feel and look your best, but if you work in an office environment, you know it can be very hard. Soon, the break room will be stocked with cookies, donuts, pies, and many snacks. But there are other healthier alternatives to provide your employees with nutritious and healthy snacks. For example, ditching the artificial sweets and switching them for fruit! There are other ways to helping your employees stay healthy during the Holidays, here are a few:

Make Them Stand Up

If you work at an office, your employees are most likely sitting down most of the day. According to the American Medical Association, sitting for long periods of times can be a cause for several health issues like bad circulations and body aches. Try switching up their work area by adding standing desks around the office, or even switching some chairs for a balancing balls. If you aren’t able to do either, allowing your employees to take small walks around the office every so often can also help. Not only will this help with their blood circulation, but it will also give them more energy and will keep them focused. 

Switch It Up

I know, everyone loves some sugar in their life! It is hard to resist not eating all the cookies, pies, and candy people bring into the office. So how can you make this easier? Well, if these sweets are not in the office, then temptation is no longer an issue. Ask your employees to refrain from bringing unhealthy foods to share, and instead replace them with healthier alternatives. Fruits are an excellent source for healthy sugars, and vegetables are a great way to stay full without eating unhealthy carbs!

The Contest

If you really want to motivate your employees to being healthy, you could consider creating a workplace wellness contest that is focused on a diet for the holiday season. There are mobile apps that allow you to track your calorie intake as well as your water intake. Employees can set a daily goal and stop eating once they hit their goal. This will limit what they eat and help them avoid unhealthy foods. 

Stay Active and Warm

Once the cold hits, people avoid being outside, which will make your employees less active as they once were. To help your employees stay healthy you can incentivize them to take the stairs instead of the elevator, drink plenty of water throughout the day, or even offering an extended lunch if they workout during that time. 

Overall, the best way to helping and motivating your employees to stay healthy during the holidays is by setting an example. If you decide to host a holiday event, make sure to offer healthy foods. By following these simple steps you will have a healthy holiday season.