Streamline Your Hiring Process with These 6 Hiring Hacks

The competition to win over top candidates is extremely high in today’s marketplace. Companies have an extremely narrow window to attract the talent they want, go through the hiring process, and make a decision before the most qualified workers are lost to other organizations. In order to reduce the amount of top candidates slipping through the cracks, you’ll need to streamline your hiring process. To refine the recruiting and hiring process, start with these 6 tips.

1. Write an accurate job description

Begin the process by writing an accurate job description. This seems like an easy place to start, but you’d be shocked by how many employers fail this first step in the process. Before starting at Dominion I interviewed with the supervisor for a large corporation. I asked what she thought was the most important and desired skill for a candidate to succeed in the position. To my amazement (and shock), the interviewer responded with a skill that wasn’t included anywhere on the application. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the lapse in oversight; how could you not highlight the most important and desired skill on the job application?

Don’t make this mistake. Include the job title, key responsibilities, and desired skills in the application so top candidates can easily find the position and evaluate if they’re qualified for it. Include a link to your company website or social media so interested candidates can view your company culture and available benefits.

2. Use technology to prioritize and streamline candidate correspondence

Once you’ve written an accurate and compelling job description, make it easy to find. Post the job opening on job sites, social media channels, and your website. As applications pour in, use an Application Tracking System (ATS) to customize your hiring workflow, qualify all potential candidates, write task reminders, and correspond with all the applicants.

An ATS allows you to easily identify where you are in the hiring process and standardize it for every would-be employee. Additionally, an application tracking system can easily transfer a candidate’s information to efficiently set them up for the onboarding process. After the process is completed, Dominion’s ATS has built-in analytics allowing you to see turnover rates, average time-to-hire, and rejection reasons.

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3. Evaluate the majority of candidates with a digital or phone interview

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There’s no getting around in-person interviews, but you can drastically reduce the amount you’ll have to conduct with a thorough and accurate phone or digital interview. Interview candidates with available forms or design your own to provide customizable questions to measure each candidate’s qualifications, quirks, and preparedness and measure it against your company’s goals and requirements. Using a guide when conducting phone or digital interviews not only provides consistency but also allows you to measure candidates using the same criteria.

This process will drastically narrow the talent pool and give you a limited amount of people to interview on-site, greatly streamlining the hiring process.

4. Use one program for reference and background checks

In the recent past, a complete background check could take weeks. The process of verifying education, past employment, and even criminal and credit reports all had to be done through separate entities. Now, it’s easier than ever to get these results quickly, often through one company. Dominion Systems is currently partnered with Verified First, the premier pre-employment screening provider. They bring a wide variety of background verification services all while staying in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

5. Standardize the final decision process

After all the on-site interviews are conducted and the background checks have been run,  implement a standardized decision process so everyone involved is on the same page about the ideal candidate. This may involve a series of tests, such as a skills, behavioral, or personality test. Tests will help provide real data and assist with a tie or decision deadlock. Additionally, assessment tests decrease the amount of time HR and other team members will have to spend training a new employee.

6. Implement electronic onboarding


Streamlining the hiring process includes an efficient onboarding process.  Traditional onboarding used to include endless paperwork with repetitive data entry that brings both HR personnel and new employees to their knees with boredom. However, with an electronic employee onboarding process, you can streamline and customize the information you need to greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to onboard a new employee. Dominion’s Onboarding software allows you to complete new hire documents electronically, create custom tasks, and easily transfer employee information. An efficient onboarding process ensures a seamless transition from new hire to employee and significantly increases employee retention.

Following these 6 tips will markedly streamline the hiring process. You’ll decrease the amount of time it takes to find great candidates, reduce pointless paperwork, and retain top talent. Dominion’s Applicant Tracking Software and Onboarding feature are great tools to help with each of these tips. Request a demo today to see how our software can benefit your organization!

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