Thanks…For Giving! Four Ways SaaS Keeps You Thankful All Year Round.

It’s that time of year again, the time where you sit down and think about what you’re really thankful for - software as a service. 

Ok, maybe turkey is more important than software as a service, but not by much!

SaaS is everywhere. You’re probably using it right now. But what are the real advantages of using cloud-based software?

Accessible anywhere

You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy. SaaS enables us to do our job no matter the circumstances. I remember once during college I had a final exam and an interview in another state on the same day. Luckily I was in a class that took advantage of a cloud-based testing platform; so as soon as I was out of the interview, I could go anywhere that had wifi and take my exam.

That same ease of accessibility has followed me to my job. I can check email, follow up with leads, edit blogs, design documents all from my phone or computer. And I can do any of those processes pretty much anywhere. Except for maybe the Yukon, in which case, no thanks (Michigan winters are enough for me).

Constant improvements

I get about as giddy as a kitten when I log into one of the many softwares I use on a daily basis and see changes or improvements. It’s like a surprise puzzle but unlike a puzzle, all the pieces are there and no family fights break out. 

There is a certain level of comfort in knowing that a company cares about its customers and constantly makes improvements to give them the best possible user experience. 

If you're using SaaS right now, chances are the company behind it developed using the agile process. If you're not familiar with agile, here's a quick synopsis; 

Agile Software Development is a different way of organizing and developing IT teams and projects that embodies the main tenants listed below.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools 

Working software over comprehensive documentation 

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation 

Responding to change over following a plan 

These beliefs make sure that any team using agile gets useful, working, well-designed and timely software out to the end-users. Agile emphasizes the customer more than any other development process, which results in happy users. 

Save time

Software as a service allows me to do my job without worrying about me messing it up. Here’s a run through one of my team’s daily tasks. 

Someone signs up for a webinar. Rad! Now that person needs to be put in a workflow, get a confirmation email and be put in a list with all the other attendees, so they get all emails with all necessary webinar information so they don’t miss a thing!

Sounds like there’s a lot to remember and a colossal screw-up waiting to happen, right? Lucky for me, my team uses a marketing software that specializes in automation! So we’re confident that when that awesome person signs up for a webinar, they are in the right place and can/will receive all pertinent information about the webinar.  That’s just one example of the many ways that software takes care of the busy work for me, so I can work on a lot of other projects.

Save Money

Licensed installed software is a thing of the past – or it should be, with how much money you could save with SaaS. You immediately wipe away the costs of having hardware dedicated to the software, paying licensing fees, and the maintenance to keep all of it working well onsite. 

Utilizing SaaS takes one thing – a computer. That’s it. The whole kit and caboodle is hosted and maintained through the software company that developed the product. So your total cost is pretty much your computer (you're gonna have one anyways) and the cost of the software. 

Side note - more and more companies are going to subscription based pricing, which can save you a bunch of money compared to previous pricing models. AND it makes switching to another software that much easier. How cool is that! 

And anyways, what's that old proverb? Time is money? If you're saving time, you're gonna be saving money. Bam!