The Benefits of Being in the Cloud

With the recent flooding happening in Grand Rapids I got to thinking about all the troubles it has caused for local businesses in the area.  Many local businesses were hit hard by the damage caused by water flooding their businesses.  Not only did they need to remove the water, but many were knocked off their networks too.  At Dominion we were fortunate to have no damage, but if we did, our critical functions could continue.  Over the past 2 years we have made an effort to convert many of the software programs we use into the cloud.  Everything from phones, e-mail, crm systems, and project management tools have either been moved to the cloud, or to an off-site disaster proof facility.

The product we offer to our customers is also in the cloud.  We have many customers that were affected by the recent flood, and all of them have been able to handle the critical task of getting their employees paid without skipping a beat.  Whether they were able to run their payroll from their desk at work, or needed to run it from home or a local café, they all got it done!!

We have been able to avoid problems here from events as small as a power outage due to the choice to move to the cloud.  You should consider doing the same with your critical services!