The Benefits of Payroll Software

There are many benefits of using a software as service (SaaS). More specifically,there are massive benefits to using  a payroll software from reducing manual tasks to keeping track of all employee data in a centralized location. A payroll software is designed to help make your job easier. Here are four ways that payroll software can benefit you and your company.

High Adoption for You and Your Employees

One of the many perks of payroll SaaS is it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Accessing the information you need when and wherever you are is a huge benefit. As a culture, we are all becoming more reliant on our smart phones and having access to vital information at all times. A study by business insider showed that the average American spent more than 100 minutes a day online doing leisure activities. Your employees are already spending most of their free time online, having grown up with technology they are quick to learn and adapt. In most cases they want to be able to check their paycheck, W2, or request time off from the convenience of their home.

Painless Upgrades

You don’t have to install or wait for something to download, it’s already there. With a payroll software, the tools you need to use are ready to go when you login online. No more downloads for you to install, everything happens automatically.

Lower Costs

Online Payroll software is subscription based, no licensing fees. You pay for what services you use based on how many employees you have. There is no need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront before even having access to use the software. This makes the initial investment less risky also. Some companies pay a lot of money to buy a license only to find out later that they were oversold on the product.

Seamless Integrations

No software can do everything a business wants. For example, different departments might use different software within the same company. Sales may use a sales CRM while marketing uses a marketing software, but both have information that is important to each other. It is important that information seamlessly flows back and forth through an application programming interface (API). With a payroll software that interfaces with other software you can enable departments to work together.

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