The Benefits of Using a Time Off Software

Working a job without a solid Time Off software in place can mean ensuing chaos for managers at times. Keeping track of vacations, doctor appointments, and sick days can create a huge headache for scheduling managers. More often than not, time off requests come in the form of a forgotten conversation that takes place weeks prior, or else a hastily scrawled note left on the manager’s desk. A Time Off software can save you time, money, and more than a few headaches when it comes time to manage PTO requests from your employees. Not convinced? Here are 3 benefits of using Time Off that you and your employees will love.

Employees Know their PTO Balance

Time Off is a great way to let your employees know how much time they are given during the year. They can view time earned, taken, and what they have left all from one screen. Using an online Time Off system is a precise, accurate, and very transparent way for your employees to control their own PTO. At the beginning of the year, employees can see how many hours I have accrued and plan accordingly for any vacations they may take during the year.

Process PTO Requests Conveniently

Not only is a Time Off software convenient for your employees, but it’s also convenient for managers who approve PTO requests. It can allow your company to move toward becoming paperless, and receiving electronic requests can vastly reduce your paperwork and save you money and time. If an employee wakes up sick, they can send a PTO request to their direct manager that can be approved quickly. They don't have to make a phone call or send an email in the hopes that they remember to accept the request. They can just click a button and then work on feeling better.

Better Coordination of Group Scheduling 

Most online Time Off systems will have a group scheduling feature. This allows for a quick snapshot of who is working and when. Say an employee calls in sick for an important shift, instead of stressing out over who will take the shift by contacting everyone in your organization, you can use the group scheduling feature. It will give you a view of who is already working and what time they are working. By utilizing this feature, you can achieve better coordination within your organization and stop stressing out over people calling in sick.

Instead of focusing on time off, you can now focus on more important things, like your own vacation time! If you want to learn more about Time Off, get a demo today!