The Evolving Role of IT

Back in the 90’s, the role of IT was that of the tech geek that sat in the dark offices at the end of the hall – the mysterious purveyors of amazing feats of coding prowess that brought us such great things as Windows, Unix, Sun, and NeXT.  IT was like the big black box that business would throw ideas into and wait for something fantastic to emerge.

Twenty years later the role of IT is significantly different.  Chief Information Officers, technical supervisors and IT staff all must work to understand that business in addition to producing outstanding new products.  It is no longer sufficient to wait for the business to throw an idea into the IT black box, spend 6 months or a year working on it and then produce something to ‘wow’ the business.

As IT professionals today, we must work to understand the business need, how work flows through our clients – how they perform their work on a day-to-day basis, what are the most critical features required.  All of this in addition to knowing how to translate those business needs into software code and hardware configuration and delivering progress on a regular and predictable schedule with high quality.

Information Technologists today must be so much more than just computer scientists.  They must also learn and develop their business acumen to provide the highest possible value and innovation to their customers.