The Importance of Employee Wellness

Everybody knows it is important to stay healthy, but in reality that isn’t always easy to do. It’s easy to snack on junk food while you’re sitting at a desk eight hours a day, and less so to muster up the motivation to go to the gym after work. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide whatever tools possible to your employees to keep productivity high. Below are some ideas you can implement in order to achieve this goal.  


One common idea is an incentive program where employees log miles they walk or run, and at the end of the quarter they win prizes for certain distances reached. You can encourage participation in community walks and races, and even reimburse sign-up fees. Another idea is to put together a company sports team. If those ideas aren’t plausible, try buying a few stand-up desks for employees to work at, or hold “walking meetings” when meeting with groups of 2-6 people. Do whatever you can to get your employees out of their chairs and on their feet throughout the day. 


Sometimes eating healthy is more important than exercise. Provide vending machines with healthy food and drinks, or if you have a cafeteria, request your food supplier to offer more low-fat foods. Plan company functions and potlucks around healthy food - don’t simply order pizza for your next birthday or goodbye party. You can conduct a weight management support group, and even sponsor a weight reduction program. This is a fun way to get people to compete to live a better lifestyle. A simpler fix is simply having a couple water coolers placed around the office for employee use. Drinking lots of water soothes hungry stomachs and releases toxins in the body. 

Stress Management

Often times what leads to somebody’s lack of exercise or a healthy diet is an overwhelming amount of stress in their lives. Support periodic breaks for your employees to relieve stress, and when possible try to keep the atmosphere in the office light-hearted. Volunteering is proven to relieve stress and better mental health, so provide volunteer opportunities for your employees to take advantage of. If you have a large amount of employees who smoke, reimburse those who enroll in smoking cessation programs. The best way to make your employees happy, however, is to let them have fun. Assemble a social committee to plan events and holiday parties. This will be something for them to look forward to, and ultimately will make them happier, more effective employees. 

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