The Perks of Being Paperless: Security and Convenience

Technology has touched our lives in countless ways. Everything we do can be done faster and better if we incorporate technology. The world is at our fingertips and for the most part, we are embracing it. However, there are aspects of technology that we have not fully utilized to our advantage. We are living in an era that has introduced us to e-statements, e-receipts, and e-bills as a convenience for consumers. In a large way, this method has simplified our lives and made us more organized by allowing us to digitally file our documents for easy recovery.  But, if you are not taking part in this digital phenomenon, you may be compromising your security and passing up accessibility.

Security Lies in Being Paperless

Security is the main focal point for business, especially if your line of business involves handling confidential information. Being a paperless business comes with many security perks, some of which include:

  • Password protected documents that limit the number of people who can access it.
  • Digital documents provide the option to encrypt.
  • Tracking history feature that allows you to see who has accessed the document and when.
  • Secure back-up of all documents.

More importantly, going paperless is a great precaution to take in order to protect against identity theft. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks this way either. The government has been urging those that receive checks via government programs to go paperless for years. Why you ask? It eliminates the risk of someone stealing your paycheck from your mailbox and potentially claiming your identity.

Paperless is Catching On

When I started at Dominion Systems this past July, I was thrilled to know the company supports a paperless lifestyle. Some of the features I was able to utilize included:

I’m pretty sure there is nothing more satisfying than getting paid and not having to do a single thing in order to access your money. On payday I wake up, check my bank account and boom! My money is automatically in there. So what happens if I want to access my check stub? All I have to do is log onto my ESS and pull it up electronically. ESS also allows me electronically access my W-2 at year end which filing my taxes a much quicker process.

Your Documents on Your Terms

You know when you apply for a new apartment or a house and the landlord requests your three most recent check stubs? Being paperless has allowed me to provide those documents right then and there in an electronic format. Still not sold on being paperless? Let’s talk W-2’s then. Imagine having early access to your W-2’s and being able to file your taxes in a timely manner. Being paperless puts you in control and allows you to better access your information meaning you are on no one’s timeline but your own. Shifting to a paperless lifestyle increases security and makes managing your documents simple.