The Perks of Time and Attendance Software

Time is arguably one of life’s most valuable resources; similarly, businesses can relate. Think about all the things you could accomplish if you woke up ten minutes earlier every day. You could take the dog for a walk or have a cup of coffee with your significant other. Over the course a year that extra ten minutes a morning accounts for an extra two and a half days. Let’s switch gears for a second and talk work. As I mentioned earlier, time is very important when it comes to work-life, so why are so many people still spending their time calculating other people’s time?

Find Better Ways to Spend Your Time

Integrated time and attendance software can buy you that extra time in your work day to take care of more pressing issues. Time and attendance software will allow you to check and correct punches (if necessary), and the best part is, those hours will flow right into your payroll software so you don’t have to manually input them.

Using software to track your time and attendance creates transparency across departments as well. Managers can log into the software and see at a glance who is absent, late, or on time. This works well for the employee because it allows them the ability to access their information and see how many hours they have worked.

This also comes in handy when looking to grant time-off requests for your employees. Instead of digging through papers to see who is scheduled and trying to read between the lines, simply log into the software and get a snapshot of your company schedule.

Using Software to help you Stay Compliant

It is no secret that with the new Affordable Care Act regulations, time and attendance tracking is becoming more crucial. Having software that streamlines your timekeeping helps ensure that your business is remaining compliant with recent regulation changes.

Also, it is the duty of the employer to keep a record of time worked for wage calculation for a minimum of two years. This is where having software that can store your timekeeping information really comes in handy.

Interested in learning how much your business could save by using time and attendance software? Download our Labor Management Calculator below.