The Right Time to Re-evaluate

Recently my department made a pretty big decision to change up our website design. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with our current website, it was definitely serving it’s purpose. The thing is it had been around for nearly two years and with anything it was starting to lose it’s luster. We all agreed that it could be updated and from there we began mapping out our vision. This might sound a bit like a waste of time; why mess with something that is working well? Honestly, I think that is the best time to fix something, whether it be a website, software, or making a big purchase - it is never ideal to rush a decision due to a broken system or process. 

Now that the decision was made we talked about what was working well and the things that we wanted to see transfer over into our new design. After that we picked out the ‘excess fat’ and brainstormed some new pages we wanted to include. After we knew what pages we wanted to change and which ones we wanted to keep, we divided and conquered. From conception to implementation about a month and a half passed - mostly because this task didn’t consume us, rather it we tackled it bit by bit. I think all-in-all this was the reason our redesign went as smooth as it did. We weren’t rushed to make a decision because the website we had was functioning just fine, but we knew we wanted more. This put the ball in our court, so to speak. 

We were able to identify the key successes of our current design as well as the areas that weren’t performing as well as we had hoped. Each of us did our fair share of research to figure out what our new site should look like, what the flow should look like, and making sure we were staying consistent with our brand. Once we had mapped out what needed work we began organizing the process and assigning pages out to be worked on. 

My point is sometimes it is easier to make these decisions when you’re in a good position to call your own shots. In our case our current website was working just fine, allowing us to take our time and make sure we got this redesign just right. I’ve never really had an experience comparable to this one. I’ve always waited until something broke to make it right, leading to a rushed decision that isn’t always ideal for me or my current situation. 

So, this begs the question, what are you using that is less than ideal? Maybe now is the time to evaluate those processes/software in place and decide if they are truly meeting your needs.