The Time Saving Benefits of an Efficient ESS

Time is a precious commodity in the workplace, which is why delegating time to complete your tasks is a necessity. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Sometimes our tasks take longer to complete and this can easily put us behind. Thankfully, you can create more time in your workday and become more efficient in your processes, simply by using the employee self-service feature of your payroll and HR software.

ESS frees up your time because it allows employees instant access to their information. This means employees can:

  • Access their paystubs
  • Punch in and out
  • Update their address
  • Add life events
  • Request time off
  • Update emergency contact information

When you grant employees access to their information it eliminates the need for human resources to update employee records. This allows more time for your HR department to handle hiring, training, and setting up employee benefits. You would also be enabling HR to focus on things such as company culture and increasing employee morale and productivity. Not to mention allowing employees to update their own files ensures better accuracy of the information.

It Just Makes Sense

There are many benefits associated with employee self-service software:

  • Update information seamlessly
  • Frees up time for the HR department
  • Managers can use group scheduling
  • HR processes get done faster
  • Empowers employees
  • Access to handbooks, policies, etc.

Think about it, would you rather have one person trying to keep track of all your employees’ personal information, or would you rather give your employees access to update their information instantaneously?

Unifying Multiple Locations

If your business has several locations then you may see even more of a benefit from an employee self-service feature. ESS allows for open communication among multiple offices, eliminating the need to pick up the phone to contact several departments. Imagine you are a manager who is trying to schedule your employees distributed in two different locations. Using ESS as an extension of group scheduling allows you to see who is available to work and who is already scheduled for a certain shift. This saves time because it eliminates the need to go through paperwork to see who has put in for time off and who is already scheduled to work. ESS simplifies the scheduling process because it gives you a snapshot of each employee’s work schedule by the hour, keeping overtime in check.

Increase your ROI with ESS

Possibly the biggest benefit to utilizing an ESS system is the fact that it will help to save your business a lot of money in the long run. Increasing employee access to their personal information can eliminate the need to go to HR for minor questions and concerns. This kind of solution increases productivity across the board, meaning your employees are optimizing their time in the most efficient manner. Employee self-service essentially eliminates the middleman and provides a direct source for all things payroll and Human Resources.