The Top 4 Sites for Human Resources Content

I work for a company that develops awesome software to help businesses run their payroll, track time & attendance and make Human Resources seamless and intuitive. Now that the sales pitch is past us, I am not a human resources expert. I work in marketing, that’s my career and what I really like to do. I have little to no experience in HR and all I know is what I’ve picked up from HR people at companies I’ve worked at. Seems a bit silly that I’d be writing a blog post on HR, right?

While I’m not in HR day after day, part of my job is to find the best payroll and HR content to relay to our clients, prospects and people who frequent our social media platforms. The marketing team has found the websites we believe have the best content, followed them on all social media channels and intensely read their blogs. So, while I may not yet be an expert in the field, I feel more than comfortable telling people who the experts are.

To compile this list of content hubs, I looked at hard and soft data. I looked at tangible metrics I thought were important such as; social media following, the frequency of content generation, RSS feeds, retweets, and shares. For soft data, I compiled a list of qualitative metrics. I wrote down what draws me to each website or blog, how I decide to share something or not share something, what this site/blog does that none of the other ones do. These are the top 4 places I go for HR content every day.

TLNT is one of my favorite places to get content because all they do is turn out content. According to my data, they average 130 blogs, articles and hr centric content per month. They apply current events to HR mainstays, have awesome case studies on current companies that are leading Human Resources, covering issues/questions that have come up with the launch of the ACA and hit the hot button topics currently discussed in HR. TLNT represents everything their acronym stands for, talent. They write about how to find, manage, understand and attract more talent.

If there is a current event that makes me wonder how human resources is affected, an article is usually already up on TLNT telling me what everything means. It’s basically the 24/7 news channel of HR.

So I was originally attracted to this because living in Beer City, USA warps what your eyes grasp on to. While there was an initial disappointment with the realization that it’s not a bartender but a HR professional turned consultant, my dismay was short-lived when I started reading their content. HR Bartender is as advertised, it’s where you can go to join the conversation (it is byob though).

Why this is always a stop on my content train is because of how well they link between past and present; taking old standbys like resumes, work environments and recruiting processes and showing how they have changed (or not changed) over the years. They provide interesting, topical and well written content that tackles not only human resources, but the workplace in general. That makes it more accessible to people not necessarily in HR but are still interested in how company culture works.

Blogging4Jobs has the largest twitter following out of all four of these content creators and it makes sense as to why. They are HR professionals that understand the past and see what’s coming in the future of HR, in tune with the generation that’s the heaviest users of social media.  Blogging4jobs is always a stop on my list because of how comparable it is with marketing blogs I follow. The marketing blogs I really like are ones that understand the main/old school tenants of marketing but can apply those theories to modern applications.

Another topic that fascinates me is their interest in HR tech. Working at a software company, we’re always trying to get into the heads of those we are creating software for. Having a place where HR professionals voice their wants and needs for HR software’s progression is infinitely beneficial and interesting to me.  Among the four content hubs I have listed, I consider blogging4jobs the most understanding and excited about the future of HR.

There are two reasons I really like Workforce; how easy it is to find content for every possible facet of HR and the value they see in guest blogging. It’s impossible to be an expert in every jurisdiction HR can cover, Workforce seems to understand that and sees the benefit in bringing in industry thought leaders to write for them. Blogs like The Practical Employer (helps employers navigate through changing labor laws, rules, regulations, etc.) and The HR Capitalist (a more financial view of HR) really show how committed Workforce is to providing the blogs with the most quality.

There are so many other places to get outstanding Human Resources content. Everyone has a different perspective and thus different opinions on where HR has been, where it currently is and where it’s going. I hope you enjoy these sources as much as I do and that you branch out further to learn more and more about the fascinating world of Human Resources.