The World is Mobile Focused. HR Should Be, Too

This past weekend, in the span of 20 minutes, two separate people nearly walked into me because they were looking at their phones instead of where they were walking. Annoying to be sure, but also a movement that is undeniable: people are on their phones constantly. A recent PEW study announced 77% of Americans own and use a smartphone to check emails, bank information, dates, date, order groceries, and much more.

For better or for worse there isn’t much we don’t do on our phones. Nearly everything is accessible from our pockets, and your employees expect the same accessibility for modern HR functions. 

Dominion’s Mobile HR App

Dominion recognizes that HR doesn’t always take place in the office, which is why our mobile app gives employees the power to check pay stubs, punch in and out, check benefits information, and submit time off. We’re fully committed to giving you and your employees a seamless mobile HR experience, and work continually to expand and improve the mobile experience. As of today, our mobile HR app lets clients and employees:

  • Review year-to-date pay stub totals

  • See medical deductions

  • Check retirement contributions

  • Mobile punch with administrator approval

  • Submit paid time off requests

  • View benefits information

User-friendly design

It’s not enough to offer an app that lets employees view their pay stubs. Usability is a top priority, to be sure, but the design is a close second. If employees can’t easily navigate the app, they’ll quickly give up on using it at all. Our app was designed with this core concern in mind: it’s simple, elegant, and uncomplicated so employees and administrators alike can feel comfortable no matter the task. 

Your information is secure

Dominion’s mobile HR app is as secure as desktop access. As well as standard security procedures, we utilize two-factor authorization to keep your account safe. Once two-step authorization is set, you’ll only be prompted to use it when you attempt to login from a different IP address. We value your security, and this extra step goes a long way in keeping your information safe.

Dominion is mobile-optimized to increase the employee experience. Our app will continue to improve and grow in functionality into 2019. You can download the app in the App store or at Google Play.