Thursday, October 27th: Evening Release

Time Card Authorization

Our team has added a few new filtering options when it comes to approving your employee’s time, making it easier to tailor your view to the time cards as necessary. 

Now you can view time cards using one of five different filters:

  • ‘Dates With Exceptions’ - Includes days that have exceptions as set up by your company within the given date range.
  • ‘Dates With Activity’ - Includes days with time calculated, benefits, or exceptions within the given date range.
  • ‘All Scheduled Days’ - Includes days with a schedule within the given date range.
  • ‘All Weekdays’ - Includes Monday-Friday within the given date range.
  • ‘All Days’ - Includes all days within the given date range.

You will also notice we have moved the totaling options above the filtering feature, allowing you to quickly generate daily, weekly, and grand totals. 

Time Off Balance

You will be able to see remaining Time Off within the Add Benefit (AB) portion of the Time Card Authorization screen as well as Pending Leave Management within the Time Card Authorization screen and the Punch Calendar. Please note that the balance will vary depending on if you accrue hours in real-time, or based on payroll period. 

Once you submit the hours the software will check to see if there is sufficient time available. If there are not enough hours the software will give you a warning. If you allow your employees to have a negative balance for time off, no warning will occur.

Tool Tip 

Clients who use ‘Input Hours’ will now have access to tool tips for input records such as division, cost center, department, and other job costing fields. If you are currently using Input Hours and would like this tool tip feature, please call our solutions team to have this activated. 

Payroll Preview

We’ve redesigned the payroll preview screen in a more organized fashion. Now if you have non-critical warnings you will see them grouped together by warning type. You’ll also notice that ‘Advanced Reporting’ was moved to the preview bar in the top right portion of the screen. 

You can view a video of the changes on the payroll preview screen by clicking here.


We have extended the character length for report name to allow clients to easily copy reports. In the past if you tried to copy a report that had a lengthy name, you may have received an error due to the amount of characters within that field. This addition has eliminated that issue and will allow you to easily copy any report.

Custom Fields

The HR Custom Fields screen has been updated so now when you click ‘Enter” it will save and refresh your data.