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Time and Attendance: Worth your Time?

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Whether you’re currently using Domnions Time & Attendance feature or shopping around for one, there are many things you should be aware of. A Time and Attendance software allow you an overview of how to track and calculate employee time. This is where you put together round rules and exceptions, run reports, build schedules, etc. Furthermore, the best way to learn about new software or features is to watch a live demo. 

Key components of Time and & attendance 

Exceptions and Rounding rules 

Time and Attendance software gives you an overview of how to track and calculate employee time. This is where you put together your rounding rules, exceptions, overtime rules, etc. As the administrator, you can edit punches and create system notes that act as reminders. For example, say an employee forgot to punch in, you can create a note next to their punch that says “forgot to punch in.” Exceptions are a way to flag the approver when the employee clocks in or outside the allotted time frame or forgets to clock in altogether. Most services allow you to structure your exceptions and rounding rules to your needs. 


These rounding rules and exceptions are all based on employee schedules. You can edit schedules directly from the time card authorization screen, which allows you to make changes last minute. Say an employee calls off, you can make the necessary adjustments to your schedule. A Time and Attendance software should allow you to create set and flexible schedules. A set schedule option is a way to schedule shifts that are straightforward and dont move around often. Alternatively, flexible schedules allow you to build your shift needs on certain days for specific departments or locations and then assign employees available to the shifts. 


A Reporting system is useful for collecting information like a weekly hour summary. One of the popular reports generated is the approaching overtime report. The overtime report will allow you to track employees and see who may be consistently hitting overtime. Employee exemptions and missing punches report is another popular one. All standard reports are available for you at any time. Our system also allows you to build custom reports at any time. 

Employee self-service 

With an Employee Self Service (ESS) portal, your employees have access to everything they need. They can clock in and out, view their activity for punches, request time off, and access W-2’s. Allowing employees to access their information limits the need to interrupt their supervisors about the information. 

Common questions 

What are the pros and cons of using biometric time clocks as opposed to PC? 

  • With biometric clocks, your employees clock in and out by using a fingerprint or facial recognition scanner. This will save your organization money when it comes to time theft by limiting the ability to buddy punch. Another pro will save on maintenance since you dont have to worry about lost or stolen badges. On the other hand, the read rates on biometric clocks can cause issues when employees clock in or out. The read rate for facial recognition tends to be in the 95th percentile and above, while fingerprint reads tend to be in the 85-90th percentile. While these numbers are incredibly high, it does offer the chance that you’ll have a couple of employees experience issues when clocking in and out. 

When using a PC or mobile punching, what stops my employees from clocking in at home?

  • PC punching can do an IP address lock-down. This forces the IP address to be static, meaning employees punching in and out must be on-site, or their clocks won’t register. Mobile punching uses geofencing which only allows employees to punch in within a specific geographical radius. For example, if you own a landscaping business, your employees can punch in using a geofence. With this, you’ll be able to make sure they punched in at the right location. 

I have temp employees. Does the system handle that? 

  • A system should handle temp employees. The difference is that when employee hours are transferred into a payroll grid, those temp hours are screened out. The system should have the ability to create labor reports for the temps and temp agencies. If your business uses multiple temp agencies, we can identify which temps go with which agency and create reporting to reconcile your bills from those temps.  

Time and Attendance have many options to fit any business. With most time and attendance software customizable to your business, it’s hard to go wrong. If you are curious about what we offer or have more questions about the time and attendance software, schedule a demo with us! 


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