Time Off Demo Transcription Part 2

The following is part 2's transcription of a recent demo we put on of Dominion's Time Off software. You can watch the full demo here or read part 1 transcription here.

Leave Management Also Known As Time Off

Now, if you are not using our Time & Attendance system, we do have an entire Leave Management tool that I'd like to show you here real quick. I'm going to log out as Julie Andrews. I'm going to log in as Jane Doe. Jane Doe is my company admin. As we log in here, I'm going to move over to my Company tab and go to Leave Management and this is where I have the ability to run reports and check statuses and approve leave time for my employees. Now, if supervisors have access to the system, they will only see their employees, whichever employees they're attached to or whichever departments are assigned to them.

Existing Requests

Existing Requests allows me to go through all of my different policies. I can go through vacation policy and look at any requests that have been made and I can see a list of all the requests that have gone through. It looks like Helen has been submitting a lot of requests lately. I can see what's been approved. I can see what's been declined. What is very nice is that it looks like maybe Julie and Helen Cally have requested the same day, perhaps. I get a time-date stamp of when that request was made. I know exactly down to the minute who made that request first. If you are managing by a first-come-first-serve, you have that ability to say, “OK look, sorry Helen, you missed it by a minute. I already have four people off for that day and Julie got in there first, so I'm going to have to decline your request for that day off”. This works really well for those heavy days and during holidays. 4th of July is coming up. Memorial Day weekend is coming up. If we have too many taking the day off, it does allow you to see a breakdown of when those requests were made. It is very easy for me to go through and approve these requests or I can simply approve all or decline all. If you do have a date range that you're working with, as if my last pay period and going forward, I can see all of the requests that were made and I can approve those as easily as I need to. If I wanted to, I could narrow it down by an employee and see a specific employee that's made requests. It looks like Helen made a bunch of requests lately, so I'm going to actually filter time to just Helen and say, “All right, I'm gonna go ahead and approve all those days off for you”. No problems there. I've approved all those days. Helen will now receive that email that says, “Yep, you're OK to take those, the third, fourth, and seventh off”. I can also see the balance afterwards after I've approved those hours. Helen certainly does not have to work very much anymore-- for the rest of the year. However, she does still have a balance remaining after those days that she hasn't taken.


If I want to get a little bit more specific, I do have additional reporting available to me. Leave Management History lets you see the actual days taken. Have a nice history that I can run reports through. I can run historical reports. I can run it based on policy as well as I can filter down to the exact information that I'd like to see. Payroll History is going to be more than accrual versus what was taken of the credits and debits. I'll just go ahead and run that real quick just to give you a feel for the report itself. I can see it looks like John Smith had a couple vacations. I can see the credits and the debits that were taken to the balance. Wow, he has even more vacation time than Helen does. I’ve got to stop accruing time for John Smith here. Apparently, he gets paid too often. The Leave Management Schedule gives me an overview of the schedules that I've taken. The Approved Hours is a very good report for those of you who are auditing your supervisors, you know, say we have a certain supervisor who manages one of their best friends and they seem to always get the preferred days off. Let's go through and see who is approving this time, making sure that the correct people are being approved and that it's being approved in the correct way. The Approved Hours report is a nice report as well. This tool, the Leave Management reporting section here, is available to your supervisors and your company administrators.

Time & Attendance

If I jumped over into Time & Attendance, we will see all of that time recorded on the actual time card. I'm just going to pick on Helen Cally again because she had a lot of time that we requested. We can see all of the time that we approved for her on these vacation days. From here, as a supervisor, I can go in and I can simply approve this time from here and I can send a note back. I can send a note alongside the approval that says, “Yep, you're good to go” or I can decline this and say, “Sorry, you didn't give him enough notice, enough advanced notice before this day”. As I update or delete this request, the employee will receive that email as well. This is very easy for the employee. Very easy for the supervisors, which is very nice that we have a lot of tools available to you and a lot of instructions. We have some videos that are available to your employees on how to request time off along with some written instructions for them because it is something that seems like a very simple process, but I know a lot of us that are managing this as a paper process or maybe through email or outlook or something, it can be very tedious. We want to make sure that you have a very simplified, centralized place where employees can make these requests. What I really like about it is that it's familiar to them. We're giving them another reason to access Employee Self Service so that everything can be handled right through the system and I can easily report on all this information and capture it right alongside with either my work time or my payroll. It keeps everything in-house.


What I'd like to do is I'm going to flip back a little bit here and go through any questions that you may have for us. If there's anything specifically that you would like to learn more about or if you are not using this tool, it is a relatively inexpensive tool. It's all based on per employee and based on your pay period. It's very easy for you to add on. Very easy for you to get set up.

So a question came in about implementation. Implementation on something like this is varied. It's something that we can get up and running for you relatively quickly, probably within two to three weeks, but it all depends on whether you have your accrual policies with us. Sometimes, those of you who are not using or running any of your leave time through our portals don't have the accrual balances going through our system and accruing throughout each pay period or anniversary or calendar year. If you don't have your accrual policies with us, that's certainly something that we can handle and then it makes the implementation or the baby step, if you will, to the time off module very, very simple. Since we're already tracking that accrual policy in the system, it makes it very easy to simply turn on Leave Management, give access to the supervisors, and do some training internally to make sure that everyone knows how to use that. Implementation is very, very easy for us. If it's something that you're interested in, please let us know. We can get you a quote and we can get you set up with your account manager and hopefully right along your way. Request a quote for Time Off (Leave Management) below.

Let me go through one more question that came through in regards to the reporting pieces. We have a lot of reporting that are Standard Reports that I showed you within the Leave Management administration side, but that's not to say that all of this is also in the Custom Reporting section. I can see and report on and build myself a custom report with any of the balances, any of the credits or debits, that had been taken throughout the year. If there's a Standard Report in Leave Management that's not quite fitting your needs, we do have the ability to run some custom reports on all of those balances and all of those transactions that happen. For those of you who are currently using or looking to use this, we do have a Preview Report and a Standard Report called Accrual Calculations that does help you view who is actually receiving their new balance at the beginning of the year or their anniversary or whatever the accrual is. The reporting does go beyond just the Leave Management portal. We do have more customized reports that you can run. It makes for a very good paper trail if you're ever looking to audit any of this.

Let us know how we're doing and if you do want any additional information or for someone to reach out to you, please email info@dominionsystems.com. We'd be happy to touch base. I really appreciate you all joining me today. I hope it was good information and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

This concludes the transcription of Dominion’s Time Off software demo. For a more personalized Time Off demo, click the image below.

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