Timekeeping Tricks For Your Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a busy time of year depending on what industry you work in. Assuming you’re a retail manager or you work in payroll to some capacity you are probably busier than you’d like to be, working longer hours, and taking on extra tasks. It can be easy to over schedule employees and let overtime get out of control, but with a few simple tools you can keep hours in check and keep your holiday season merry. 

Schedules That Simplify

Mapping out a schedule that makes sense is the best way to avoid giving employees too much overtime. Start by setting up the timeframes that you need filled and begin filling in employees appropriately. Group schedules will allow you to reuse a schedule for as long as you wish, or you can make minor tweaks as you see fit. This feature will allow you to see who is working when, and for how long, giving you a clearer picture of where your labor dollars are being spent. 

Reports to Inform

Ideally you will schedule employees accordingly so you can minimize the amount of overtime each employee has, but things happen and sometimes employees call-in sick, or have to leave early. If this is the case you can turn to reports to find out what your next best option is. Sally calls-in sick, but you need someone to cover her shift, you can pull an overtime report to see who has already reached overtime and who hasn’t so you can be more mindful of who you get to replace her.

Display Time-Off

With the holidays come time-off requests. One way to avoid a mass amount of your employees inquiring about their remaining paid time off (PTO) balance is to place it on their pay stubs when you run payroll, this will allow them to see their balance even if they don’t log into their employee self-service portal. This eliminates the need for employees to come to you inquiring about hours; simply put it on their check and spend your time handling more pressing tasks. 

Interested in seeing how a timekeeping software could help your business? Download our time and attendance calculator and see how much you could save.