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Tips and Tools Every HR Professional Should Know About

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Tips and Tools Every HR Professional Should Know About:

  1. Recruiting | Applicant Tracking System

  2. Retention | Onboarding Software

  3. Payroll | Online Payroll Software

  4. Time & Attendance | Time & Attendance Software

Did you just open a new business? Perhaps you just started a new role at a company in the HR department. Whatever the case may be, it is a known fact that any HR role comes with a lot of stress and time-consuming tasks such as recruiting, onboarding, compensating employees, approving time off requests, maintaining policies and records, ensuring compliance, handling employee concerns and so on. All these tasks are important and there is no way around them, but luckily, there are ways to make those tasks easier and streamline your processes.

1. Recruiting

Tip: Add Structure to Your Recruiting Process

First thing’s first. Every business requires people. There are many different platforms to post your job descriptions to start your recruiting process. The most common are Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. There are thousands of job posts on each of these platforms, so you need to come up with a strategy to make yours stand out from the rest in order to attract top talent. The truth is that attracting and retaining top talent has been one of the major priorities in Human Resources for years now, so you are not the only one trying to come up with these strategies. Because of this, the need to come up with original and creative strategies has increased over the years, meaning it is time to focus on your hiring process and the various ways to add structure to it.

There are four things you need to analyze in your current process: your website, a job ad, the talent pipeline, and your candidate experience. How are you doing in these areas? Is your website mobile friendly? Nowadays, searching for jobs has become an easy task that people can do literally anytime and anywhere. When applicants are looking for jobs, they usually tend to research the company before applying, which usually happens on their mobile device. What’s more, studies show that 78% of candidates apply for jobs from their mobile devices. This is why you need to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. If it looks funky or takes a long time to load, talk to your IT department or whoever is in charge of the website and explain to them that you need it to be mobile-friendly. Once your website is optimized, make sure that your job ad is perfect. Review the job title, job role, and even consider bragging about your company culture. Once you post your ad, you can review and build your talent pipeline and enhance your candidate experience, which can easily be done by using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). To learn more about how you can do this, read here.

Tool: Applicant Tracking System

Perhaps you’ve already heard about Applicant Tracking Systems, but have you found the perfect one to fit your business and unique hiring process? The truth is that keeping track of applicants for your company is vital, especially if you deal heavily in seasonal hiring. Understanding how long it typically takes to fill a vacant position and how often you’re hiring new employees throughout the year can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, it is important to monitor the reasons certain candidates are rejected and keep records of all applications that come through your Human Resources office. You can do all of this by using an ATS. There are numerous reasons why HR professionals love Applicant Tracking Systems and after discovering what they could do for your business, so will you! When looking for an ATS there are certain features you should look for such as flagging questions, one-click correspondence, automated emails, tasks, notifications, and so on. If you would like to get a glimpse of how an ATS can streamline your recruiting process, request a free personalized demo now!

2. Retention

Tip: Enhance Your Candidate Experience

Once you’ve hired the best talent out there, it is time to train and onboard them. One of the best practices for retaining top talent is making the first few days for new hires run as smooth as possible. This is called Onboarding. Having an efficient onboarding process can do wonders for improving your candidate experience. During an interview process, it is the candidate’s job to win you over, but once you’ve hired them it is up to you to convince them they made the right choice in taking the job. After all, organizations have the highest level of turnover during the first 90 days. The first few days should be a positive experience for them and this is accomplished by having a refined onboarding process that will quickly assimilate the person into your organization. With a proper onboarding platform, you can have your new hire fill out all the necessary paperwork electronically, including direct deposit information, I-9s and W-4s, and whatever personalized documents you require such as key card release forms and your orientation packet. Onboarding is intended to make new employees familiar with the company and to support them as they start working on their first handful of projects. According to, research shows that a good onboarding program can boost retention by 50% and productivity by 54%. As simple as onboarding may sound, there are many aspects that are involved in the process and planning is necessary to have a successful onboarding program. If you already have an onboarding program in your company but are looking to enhance the process, check out some tips on building an effective onboarding program here.

Tool: Onboarding Software

We all know that often times the first day or two of a new hire’s training results in them filling out mounds of paperwork, which doesn’t leave them with a great first impression of your company. Onboarding software allows you to say goodbye to this cluttered, unorganized process and say hello to a streamlined method that will save you time and boost your new hire retention rate. A good Onboarding software should allow you to customize the process so it adheres to your company’s standards. Email templates, company documents, custom tasks, and checklists are some examples of customizable items. A good Onboarding software should also let employees complete all new employment documents electronically from anywhere with internet access. Read more on what a quality onboarding software can do to streamline your hiring process here, or schedule a demo to see if Dominion’s Onboarding software can be a good fit for your company. We’ll even let you get 6 months of onboarding free!

3. Payroll

Tip: Streamline Your Payroll Process

Now that you have recruited and onboarded your new employees, it is time to add them to payroll. The first step is determining the best payroll schedule for your business. Whether you are starting your own business or simply thinking about making changes to your current payroll structure, choosing a pay frequency is very important and you should do it very carefully. There are four main pay frequencies: weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly. Some pay frequencies are better for certain purposes than others, which is why it is important to understand the pros and cons of each before making a decision. You can find a quick breakdown of each frequency here. A quick way of streamlining your payroll process is by investing in a payroll software. If you are still stuck doing paper payroll, it is time to make a change. Using an online payroll software means that you can access information anywhere with an internet connection. Did you go on vacation and forgot to submit? No problem, find a computer with internet and you will be all set! An online payroll software allows you to keep all employee data in a centralized location. Payroll software is designed to make your job easier, therefore there are many perks and benefits of using it!

Tool: Online Payroll Software

Regardless of your industry, finances are at the center of running your business. Payroll processing can be tricky and errors or inaccuracies can snowball quickly into a mess that will bring productivity to a grinding halt. Having a payroll software that allows you to preview your payroll before you submit gives you the chance to review your deductions and catch any potential errors before they occur. Furthermore, many payroll software companies will file your taxes automatically for you. This will save you the time and hassle of having to do that yourself while also ensuring any potential fees or penalties are absorbed by the processing company. Now keep in mind, not every business is suited for payroll processing. If you’re not sure whether you should be using a payroll software, processing in-house, or running payroll in some other manner, read our blog Finding the Best Payroll Process for Your Company. To see how Dominion’s online Payroll software can streamline your payroll, request a demo now!

4. Time & Attendance

Tip: Automate Your Time & Attendance

Tracking your employees’ hours is very important. It offers employers many benefits such as easier, faster, and more accurate payroll processing, better record keeping, and more. According to Wasp Buzz, a survey revealed that 80% of workers admitted to time theft. This is because not using the proper time tracking systems, like using paper time cards, for instance, can lead to “buddy punching”, which contributes to thousands of dollars lost each year by businesses. The best solution to this problem is to switch to an automated time and attendance tracking system. According to the American Payroll Association (APA), 65% of the organizations surveyed said they were either in the process of switching to, or already used, an automated time and attendance software to track their employees’ hours. So what are the benefits of switching to an automated time and attendance software? Accuracy, money savings, time savings, and efficiency are only the start of it. You can read more on the benefits of switching to an automated time and attendance software here.

Tool: Time & Attendance Software

If you are looking to automate your time and attendance, you should know what to look for in the software before making a decision. There are four primary features that every Time & Attendance software should have: the ability to set up rounding rules and exceptions, simplified scheduling options, informed reporting, and employee self-service. With these four features at your disposal, you’ll be ready to revamp your timekeeping process and simplify your daily workload. You can read more on this here.

Thanks to technology advancements, HR professionals no longer have to take hours away from their days to complete certain tasks. We are now able to automate most of our processes and, even better, there are ways we can streamline all those processes and have them all in one centralized location. Unlike other solutions, Dominion’s platform offers a lot of products that all talk to each other under the same umbrella. Payroll, Time and Attendance, Time Off requests, Applicant Tracking, ACA Reporting and Employee Self Service are all in one location, and they all communicate with each other seamlessly. What more could you want?

If you would like to see how Dominion’s platform can make your life easier, schedule a demo or request a quote below!


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