Tips to Help Your Employees Focus During Summer

Summer is finally here. Although we would all rather be at the beach or at the pool all day, most of us have to go to work. I sit by a window at work, so every day I look outside and wish I was out there enjoying the sun, but instead I have to sit at my desk and try to be productive. It is no secret that I am not the only one who struggles to stay productive during the summer, so what can managers do to encourage and help their employees stayed focused and productive at work?

Get Your Team Out of the Office

Everyone deserves a little fun in the sun, especially during the summer. Depending on what your work is, you probably cannot leave the office for a whole day. Consider planning a picnic outside during lunch and invite your team. During this time you can enjoy the sun and spend some good quality time with your team. Forget talking about work; use this time to get to know your team better and build a relationship with them. If you have weekly meetings, try having them outside. All you need is a place to sit and you’re good to go.

Reward Your Team

You have to recognize and appreciate all the hard work your employees are putting in at the office when they could be somewhere else enjoying their summer with their families. Try motivating them with ice cream! Everyone loves ice cream! At Dominion, our social committee hosts an Ice Cream Social at least once during the summer. During this time, employees can make their own sundaes and hang out in the lunchroom for a while. It is a great excuse to get away from our desks and have a little escape to “paradise”.

Change Your Deadlines

Summer means vacation, weddings, camping trips, etc. Because of this, you should avoid scheduling important meetings on Mondays and Fridays, which is when people take the most time off. Along with this, you should avoid setting deadlines for these days as well. By doing this, you will notice your employees being more focused during the rest of the week and it will take the added pressure off your employees to finish a project on a day they’ll be out of the office.

Speaking of deadlines, managers shouldn’t focus on how many hours employees work. Instead, they should focus on them meeting their deadlines. If employees can complete a project from their laptop while at a park or laying at the beach, then it should be the same as if they were sitting at their desk in the office.

Plan a Team Outing

At Dominion, every department plans a trip once a year. Usually, we try to do it during the summer because that’s when our clients are the least busy. Last year, the sales and marketing teams went on a river float. This was an ideal time for them to bond and spend time together out of the office at no expense from the company other than a paid day off for our team. This boosts employee morale and gives us something to look forward to during those long summer days while we’re stuck inside wishing we were elsewhere.