Top 5 Blogs for Employers Focused on Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

This blog was written by Lilian Chifley

Usually, getting hired is not quite a piece of cake, and if you happen to be an individual with a disability, then you can double the trouble. Nowadays, many people with disabilities actively seek work only for their efforts  to be in vain. It’s a shame that the unemployment rate among individuals with disabilities is two times higher than the average.

That’s why some beautiful people decided to do something about this major problem and help in any way they could. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting top 5 blogs for employers focused on hiring individuals with disabilities.

1. Getting Hired

Getting Hired has a great blog page about recruitment solutions dedicated exclusively to help employers hire professional individuals and veterans with disabilities. Their mission is to bring awareness among employers about the misconception that diversity in the workplace does not only concern ethnicity and gender.

They want to underline that people with disabilities should be a great part of the meaning in “workplace diversity”, and that they can be as skilled and professional as any other person.

2. AbilityLinks

AbilityLinks assessed the problem of the unemployment rate among people with disabilities and decided to take some action in this way. In their blog posts, they want to bring awareness about the importance of embracing diversity in the workplace, which should include individuals with disabilities. They underline the problems while coming up with great solutions.

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3. Ruh Global Communications (RGC)

RGC is focused mainly on the importance of disability inclusion in the workplace. The founder of this company that has an incredibly useful blog page, is extremely motivated to change the perspective about individuals with disabilities and their workforce. This aspect is really important to her as her own daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome.  

4. Kessler Foundation

Kessler Foundation stands for their strong belief that individuals with disabilities can achieve maximum of independence, especially with today’s evolved technology. In their blog posts, they want to emphasize the benefits of working with people with disabilities and the fact that they are actually a great workforce.

5. EmployU

EmployU mission is to bring awareness, knowledge, and acceptance that there’s more to people than their disabilities. As Gerald Dales, HR manager for Aussie Writings, explained, “We must not forget that people with disabilities are as human as we are […]".”

Lilian Chifley is an IT specialist, teacher, and blogger from Sydney. She loves to talk about artificial intelligence and modern education. You can find Lilian on Facebook and Twitter.

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