Up and Coming HR Software Products

Here at Dominion Systems, we are always striving to improve our software. The past few months alone we have already released multiple phases of our Employee Self Service (ESS), our new Benefits Administration, and have updated our Applicant Tracking. All of these are highly popular in the HR world and Dominion Systems is keeping up with the latest of these products.


Getting new employees started can be overwhelming. Along with new hires comes their paperwork. ESS allows employees to access all of their tax forms, pay stubs, and time and attendance on their own time. It also saves managers a lot of time, while saving your company money on stuffing and sending out paychecks.

Benefits Administration

Do your employees have trouble selecting benefit plans? Benefits Administration is one of Dominion’s newest products that help employees create benefit plans specific to their lifestyles. They can then select which plans they wish to implement or they can waive plans as they see fit. The benefits administration product lets employees be in charge of their own life events and easily select the plans that fit their current lifestyle.

Applicant Tracking

While onboarding and recruiting are aspects of HR that we are consistently working towards, our Applicant Tracking system helps businesses manage applications that come in for positions posted on the company’s website. When someone is interested in a job, they click on the link that directs them to our software. This is where applicants can upload their resume and any other important documents they would want the employer to see. On the other end, the employer can store and manage all the applicants that post to the software.

What’s in store for the future?…

As I mentioned before, brainstorming on the ideas of onboarding and recruiting, as well as employee engagement are in the works within companies around the world. With the possible addition of these processes, your software can be the hub of all things human resources. Benefits administration, applicant tracking, and ESS are just a few of the possibilities that software is capable of. Different products are responsible for catering to the needs of companies’ HR problems. These new processes are highly important in the HR industry and force HR professionals ask two important questions when preparing to hire:

  1. How do I attract job seekers to my available positions?
  2. Once I get these employees, how can I keep them engaged?

Those important questions can be answered with the utilization of products such as applicant tracking to monitor possible new hires for your business. In addition, once applicants are hired, social sites within your HR software will keep them engaged internally with their colleagues and even externally with the community.

Thoughts of change are running through the minds of our teams here at Dominion and we are using them as motivation to create software that can provide these services for different businesses.

Is your company in need of these services? If so contact Dominion Systems today to request a quote.