Using Leave Management to Create Your Summer Schedules

With Summer quickly approaching managers and HR departments everywhere are beginning to see an influx of time off requests. Family vacations, weekend getaways, and the Friday half-days are suddenly back and it’s becoming increasingly harder to schedule employees and keep up with who has what day off. This isn’t a new problem, it happens every year and every year we manage to mix up someone’s time off and try to schedule them to work on their vacation. This year let’s look at a different approach; leave management software paired with group scheduling is a great solution to your scheduling headaches, giving you a clear picture of employee availability when creating your weekly schedule. 

Software to Simplify

Instead of keeping track of several paper requests, or even a mass amount of email requests, you can track everything in one screen using HR software. Think of creating your weekly employee schedule, but in the same view being able to see who is on vacation or unavailable during that time frame. Having one focal point for all of your information greatly reduces the chance for error, but also cutting down on the time it takes to sift through paperwork, or emails to figure out availability. 

Easier Scheduling

The best part of having an integrated software to host your leave management requests and your employee scheduler is the simplicity of use. When scheduling you’re now made aware of not only approved time off requests, but pending requests as well. So if you’re trying to see if you can get by with one less employee before you actually ‘approve’ their time, you can play in the group scheduler to see who is available and if the time off is feasible before submitting the approval. 

Easily Accessible

As long as the software you’re using is cloud-based, managers and supervisors can gain access from virtually anywhere. This means even if the scheduler is sick, or not able to make it into the office, they still can make the schedule and coordinate time off. Even better, employees can also access their employee self service portal from anywhere to check their schedule, request days off, etc. This also works well for employees to be able to check the schedule so they can trade shifts with other employees and not have to call into work for someone to tell them who is working and who isn’t.

With the ability to pair your leave management and scheduling tools, keeping track of employee shifts becomes simple and efficient while cutting down on mistakes and time spent scheduling.

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