Using Software to Improve Your Candidate Experience

The software revolution is among us. If you have an issue it seems there is always a software program designed to solve said issue; so why would hiring be any different? Having a great software in place can greatly impact your candidate’s experience in their initial interactions with their potential new company. 

Your Candidate Experience Reflects Your Brand

Many companies don’t give much thought to how their hiring and onboarding processes present who they are as a company, and what the company culture is like. These initial interactions with your candidates are what will shape their impression of your business as a whole. Using software to guide you through these steps will create a more uniform, and standardized process that you can use for each new hire. This a great opportunity to showcase your brand and set expectations from the very beginning of the hiring process.

Gather A Better Candidate Pool

Gone are the days of word of mouth, right? Wrong. Word of “mouth” travels farther, and faster than ever thanks to technology (smart phones, social media, etc). If an applicant fails to get a timely response from your business, or worse, you drop them completely, they will tell their friends and probably anyone who is willing to listen. Even if you choose to go with a different candidate, if you made a good impression on the applicant, chances are they will remember their positive experience and keep your business in mind down the road. 

For example, I interviewed a repeat candidate this year who had also applied for a job last year. Even though she wasn’t picked the first time she applied, she had a positive experience with Dominion and chose to apply again a year later. 

Cut Out the Extra Steps 

Moving from a candidate to an employee often is followed by plenty of paperwork and new hire forms. Most, if not all of this can be done digitally, and really it’s better to have it stored digitally anyway. This eliminates the paper clutter for the new hire and for the human resource department. Also, having employees key in their information means there is less chance of error. Typically when HR gathers all the new hire paperwork they’ll have to transfer that onto the computer and (hopefully) enter in everything the way it was written, but mistakes happen. Software streamlines the entire process, making it easier for all parties involved. 

How does your company use software to streamline the candidate experience? Tell us below!

Looking for a way to improve your candidate experience? Watch a demo of Dominion's Applicant Tracking System below!