Using Team Bonding to Build A Better Workforce

Recently my company hosted a webinar entitled “Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People”, if you’re interested you can view it here. The webinar really got me thinking about the importance of working well in teams and creating a positive and motivating work environment. After all, we know that when negativity creeps in productivity and engagement go down. So how can we combat negativity and focus on building teams that succeed? Good ole’ fashioned team bonding of course.

It’s simple really; the more you get to know your team the better you are at accommodating each others needs and performing at your highest potential. You can tailor your team bonding activities to match the style and unique preferences of those apart of the team. Below are a list of my favorite team bonding activities. 

Cooking up Some Fun

Teams that cook together, stay together (at least until the food is gone). Seriously though, cooking together is a great way to bond with your team while doing something fun. Prepare a full meal and assign each team member a dish to contribute. Having to work together to complete the meal and being rewarded by sitting down and enjoying it together will force teams to learn to rely on one another to complete their piece of the puzzle.

Searching for Treasure

Create a scavenger hunt around your city that will allow employees to get out of the office and explore a bit together. You can theme the scavenger hunt or make it completely random. Either way your team will have the opportunity to put their heads together to solve the clues and find the hidden treasure. Not to mention this is a great way to get employees out of the office. 

Group Volunteering

Looking to team build while also helping out the local community? Volunteering as a company is a great way to go. You can split teams up to volunteer for several different causes, or take everyone as a whole. The benefits of volunteering go far beyond any other team building activity because you are able to double the impact (within your organization and the community). 

Dominion volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County. This is only half of us!

This list only brushes the surface of what your company could do to get teams working together in a non-traditional way. If you need more ideas, this website is a great place to start. Team bonding is a great method to break the ice, improve communication, and truly get to know the people you work with.