Utilizing Group Scheduling to Keep Track of Seasonal Workers

Managing a group of part time workers can be overwhelming at times. Constant changes in almost every employee’s schedule makes keeping a consistent weekly group schedule next to impossible. With summer almost here, many businesses employing part time seasonal workers are gearing up for a new crew. To better manage your employees’ schedules, you may want to consider a scheduling feature that can handle all of the changes that come with having seasonal employees.

Create a Framework for Your Needed Shifts

Having a set schedule with your necessary shifts to be filled will be extremely helpful in the planning process. A static schedule lets you have a strategy already mapped; all management has to do is fill in those shifts with available workers. Dominion’s platform allows for you to create those “standard” time slots to be utilized each week, taking one less scheduling task off of your management team.

Select and Schedule Employees

Once time has been set up for each week and you have the set amount of employees needed for each particular shift, all that’s left to do is schedule out which employees are to work each shift. With Dominion’s time and attendance software, you are able to view which of your employees are available to work the open shifts. There is even the added ability to have employee requested time off register through the group scheduling feature and label those requested times as unavailable for employees. When an employee is added, you can see how many other employees are needed to cover the shift.

Publish Your Schedule

 After scheduling out your employee shifts for the work week, be sure to review the finished schedule and make any changes necessary. If you need another supervisor or manager to review the schedule, the group scheduling feature can be saved and opened for another time. Employees are not able to view any saved schedule, only a published schedule. Once all final changes are made, you can publish your schedule and make it live for employees and management to view.

With seasonal workers working part-time shifts, having a group scheduling feature in your software will cut down time in managing workers schedules. Seasonal employees have a tendency to have high turnover rates, so utilizing group scheduling will make keeping track of available workers much easier.
To explore Dominion's group scheduling feature, visit our Time and Attendance software page below.