Verified First, Our Background Screening Partner, Wins HRO Today Competition

Here at Dominion Systems, we partner with the top companies that can provide value to our clients. Here’s exciting news about how Verified First, our background screening partner, is providing new features to improve the hiring process:

We’re proud to announce that our background screening partner, Verified First, was named the winner at HRO Today’s 2018 iTalent competition. This prestigious competition showcases innovative HR technologies and took place on Tuesday, May 2, at the 2018 HRO Today Forum in Harbor, Maryland.

For the last seven years, the iTalent Competition has spotlighted top technology companies that develop innovative solutions in the HR industry. At this year’s event, Ryan Hart, Director of Product at Verified First, was among the finalists that gave presentations to the HRO Today Forum audience and iTalent judges. After assessing each pitch, they selected Verified First as the winner.

The judges were impressed by Verified First’s unique integration process. To create hiring efficiencies, background screening software integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The industry average is typically 4–6 weeks for full integration, but through a patent-pending process, Verified First accomplishes this in less than an hour. This rapid integration allows clients to maintain a steady talent pipeline without any system downtime.

Hart also demonstrated how Verified First creates a stronger candidate experience through branded emails and mobile solutions. Employers can improve the candidate response rate through sending branded emails that differentiate them. Additionally, employers may text candidates to obtain authorization for pre-employment screening. This feature not only provides greater convenience for the candidate but also significantly improves time-to-hire.

The judges at HRO Today were quick to realize the value of Verified First’s offerings.

“In our tight labor market, it’s mission critical for HR Managers to have a streamlined and efficient hiring process. A long, drawn-out process will drive away talent and hurt the bottom line for employers. Verified First’s ability to improve both turnaround time and the candidate experience is a game changer,” said Elliot Clark, CEO of SharedXpertise & HRO Today.

Here at Dominion, our platform helps our clients improve their hiring process and lock down top candidates quickly. We partner with Verified First to help you save time, minimize data entry, and simplify your hiring process. Their award from HRO Today, a major HR publication, shows the ingenuity of their solution — and thanks to our integration with them, you reap the benefits.

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