3 Ways to Ensure Your Online Payroll Data is Secure

We at Dominion take security very seriously. Since we are a payroll and HR company, we keep our client’s personal information stored within our software and we take every precaution to make sure it is safe. Recent studies show that identity theft has become more common, and it is very hard, if not impossible, to completely eliminate. Social security numbers, addresses, bank account information, and wages are just some of the data that can be found within payroll softwares or departments. If by any chance this information gets in the wrong hands, your company’s reputation will be at risk, and so will your employees’ personal information. So what can you do to avoid this?

Strengthen Computer Security

If all the computers in your company are not already updated with the latest anti-virus scanners, then doing so should be the first step. Another important tip you should consider is installing a firewall to block unauthorized access, control and monitor internet usage and access, and audit network connections on a regular basis.

Educate Your Employees

Hackers have tricks to get the information they want, and your employees should be aware of them. Sending viruses via attachments in emails or getting people to respond to hoax emails are the most common. All employees should receive cybersecurity training immediately after they are first hired in, and you should mandate them to change their passwords on a regular basis. Passwords should be long and unique. Make sure your employees know to check the return address to every email they respond to in order to make sure it is not a hoax email.

Limit Access to Personal Data

If you have an online payroll software you use, such as Dominion, then you should be able to trust them with all your sensitive data. If you do your payroll in house, make sure only limited people have access to this information. Experts say only HR, payroll employees, and managers should have access to other employees’ personal data. If this data were to fall in the wrong hands, your employees’ personal information could be used wrongfully. 

How well are you keeping you payroll data secure? Check out this blog for more tips on Payroll Security. If you are not keeping your payroll data online and would like to do so, please contact us!