What Are the Benefits of a Mobile HR App?

HR and payroll in the modern world is not restricted to the office. Whether in line for coffee, waiting at the airport, or getting out of the gym, accessing important HR information can now happen from anywhere. With a mobile application you can access your most important HR & payroll information right from your pocket. Employees can access pay stubs, request time off, see benefits information, and even clock in and out – all from their smartphone.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn how a mobile HR app can benefit your organization.

Employees can punch in from anywhere

A mobile app designed to benefit human resources and their employees will let employees clock in and out from any location with an internet connection. Mobile punching is a great solution for employees working off-site or those who travel frequently. If organizations are worried about employees clocking in despite not actually being on the job site, company administrators can give employees access and decide which location and department employees can punch into.

View your information when you need it

Have you ever needed your insurance information at the doctor’s office, and in a panic realized you forgot to bring it? A mobile app gives you access to your information when you need it. Your benefits information, W2, and other important documents can all be viewed in seconds. From now on, you’re the most prepared person in the room.

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Review your pay stubs

Accessing pay stubs can be a laborious affair if you’re away from a computer. Even if you manage to pull up your account on a mobile web browser, you may not remember your login information off hand. A mobile HR application grants easy and secure pay stub access. Come payday you’ll be able to see your net pay, retirement contributions, and more all from a smartphone.

Complete time-sensitive HR tasks

In addition to being a benefit to employees, an integrated HR app has the potential to streamline payroll and human resource tasks. If you’re in the process of onboarding a new employee, she can complete new-hire paperwork from virtually anywhere. Whether approving a PTO request, running a simple payroll report, or reviewing hours worked, an app empowers you to work and manage your tasks from anywhere.

Reduce paper waste

From saving time to saving the environment, a mobile HR app helps your company eliminate paper processes.


Submit time off

Remote submissions for paid time off requests is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a mobile HR application. Employees can access your company’s time off policy and effortlessly submit vacation and sick time – all without stepping into the office. Worrying about a lost PTO request will be a thing of the past. Plus, check how many hours you have left and start planning your next trip, all from your phone.

Dominion has a mobile app set for release March 31st, 2019 for all of our customers available from the app store. From now on your most important HR & payroll information is at your fingertips. Forget being tethered to your desk to clock in and out, access your pay stubs, and set up a custom profile. Dominion will add PTO requests and benefits access, as well as other capacities, into 2019. From now on, Dominion is with you wherever you want to go.