What Employers are Looking for in HR Positions [Study]

A little while back, HR technology evaluation firm, Software Advice, released a study on what Employers are looking for in HR positions. Using the US Bureau of labor statistics, the number of Human Resources (HR) manager positions will grow 13% by 2022. They analyzed 300 US job openings, primarily positions posted in April or May of 2014. Using this data they set out to understand and learn what the ideal HR candidate looks like.

HR Titles are Changing

They found that HR titles are changing to reflect a more business-focused HR department. 12% of companies were looking for either an HR Business Partner or Senior HR Business Partner. This shift in titles displays the ever changing role of HR and how it is becoming more business focused.

Education Matters

According to the data, 85% of the job openings required a bachelor’s degree. In addition to a bachelor’s degree becoming more of a requirement, certifications are becoming more important. 42% of companies preferred or required a certification in Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) or a Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Software Knowledge

Meanwhile, software is also starting to play a bigger role in the HR industry. Roughly 25% of employers specified they preferred applicants who had knowledge in regards to Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Even though only 25% requested their applicants have HR software knowledge, any knowledge of HRIS systems will be a benefit to any employer.
With that in mind, take a look at New Talent Times entire study regarding what employers are looking for in HR Positions right here.

*This was originally posted on The New Talent Times