What HR Wants: Software that Automates HR Processes

Our friends at Software Advice, an HR technology review company, recently pulled a random sample of interactions from clients looking to attain human resources software. Through their findings we were able to conclude that nearly half (48 percent) of HR software buyers are still relying on manual methods to complete their job duties, making these tasks very inefficient. At Dominion, we’ve noticed a huge shift in HR professionals looking to automate more of their daily tasks in order to have more time to dedicate toward developing their people and strengthening their organization. 

Software to Automate

As I mentioned earlier, 48 percent of HR software buyers are shopping software in order to replace their current manual methods. Replacing manual methods such as paper and pen is not only more efficient, but keeps your employee information secure. For example, Dominion’s software is secured by SSL (secure sockets layer) to ensure all sensitive information is kept safe. If you’re curious in learning more about what SSL is, you can find more information here. To give a quick synopsis, SSL encrypts your information, keeping it out of reach of hackers and those trying to gain access to your data. 

Aside from the security of HR software, the functionality available can greatly improve efficiency and organization. 44 percent of buyer's named inefficiencies and lack of organization their biggest pain point when dealing with manual HR methods. It was also stated that 80 percent of an HR department’s time is spent on administration and paperwork. Implementing HR software to handle processes such as applicant tracking, onboarding, time off requests, and so on can greatly reduce the time spent pushing paper (mostly because the software eliminates the paper created by these processes). 

All Your Data in One, Secure Spot

Software Advice found that 45 percent of buyers are pushing more toward software that allows for personnel tracking. Having the ability to track information such as employee contact information, paid time off, and absences is really what the buyers want. When you’re looking to invest in HR software it makes sense to look at those platforms that have everything you need in one, centralized location. Not only does this further back up the security point I made earlier, but it saves you time because all your information is at your fingertips. 

Fun fact: U.S. companies aren’t required to offer their employees PTO, but 98 percent do anyway. So, if the mass majority of companies are offering PTO there is an obvious need for software to track it (unless of course you thoroughly enjoying writing it down, which I doubt anyone does). If you’re interested in learning more about how you can track your PTO, click here (link to TK demo).

Hiring in a Snapshot

Lastly, the ability to track recruiting efforts is greatly requested, with about 30 percent of buyers focusing on finding a software that can track applications, host job postings, and so forth. The idea of simplifying the recruiting process and making it transparent to everyone involved is becoming more widely requested. HR buyers want to be able to view an applicant’s resume, position in the hiring process, and notes on past interviews all in one location. The idea of having a one-stop shop (or software if you will) eliminates the need to track down the manager who interviewed this applicant previous to you. This allows you to focus more on finding the right fit for your company, and stop worrying about tracking down someone’s resume or cover letter. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Dominion’s HR software, request more information below and we would be happy to speak with you. If you want to read more about Software Advice and their findings you can read the full article here.