What is Your Management Style?

Being a manager means having a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Not only that, but it also means knowing the best ways to manage your employees. There is no “right way” to managing employees, but there are more effective ways than others. As a manager, it is your duty to find out which style works best for certain situations.
The following are some managing styles to consider:


This style is for managers who prefer to make decisions alone, with little or no input from others. This style can be perceived as pretentious, but it can also be perceived as good management as long as the right decisions are made. The decisions made can reflect the manager’s personality and opinions, which can either be good or bad.The autocratic style is best used in situations where control is necessary, especially where there is little room for error. 


The persuasive style is very similar to the autocratic style in the way that managers make the final decision, but in this case they try to convince others of the benefits of the decision that has been made. The main difference between the autocratic and the persuasive manager is that the persuasive manager is more aware of their employees. This management style is most effective in situations where the manager needs cooperation from their employees, but doesn’t require their input.


The democratic style focuses more on the employees’ knowledge, skills, and opinions. It is commonly used to obtain input and encourage participation when making decisions. There is communication between both parties, and in the end the decision is made mutually. This style is effective when there is a diverse group and each person has important opinions to offer. 


The chaotic style is preferred by employees since they have total control when making decisions. In this style, the manager outlines the company's goals and each employee is responsible for achieving their goals. This is a modern style that emphasizes on speed and efficiency rather than a slower, structured process. It has become very successful in companies that are fast paced and innovative.

So what is your preferred management style? Like mentioned before, there is no perfect style, but it up to you to choose the best one to use according to the situation. The key to being a great manager is having a good mix of styles and using them appropriately. Also, keep in mind that your approach with one employee might not work with another employee, so being flexible is a must.