What’s the big deal about Employee Self Service?

I remember when I opened my first checking account at a major bank; until that point, I used a savings account at a local credit union, so this switch was a big jump. Though having my money with me was a welcome change, mobile banking is what blew me away. The flexibility and knowledge it brought to a previously complicated aspect of my life was undeniable. I knew exactly how much was in my account, when payments were due, how to quickly locate an ATM, and could easily transfer money between my accounts. Those features alleviated any concerns or worries I had with managing my money. The best part of this whole system was that I could easily access it from my phone at any time and since I always had cell service, it was theoretically always there. Having everything I needed access to in my pocket made an inefficient process efficient and gave me peace of mind.

Employee Self Service Relieves Headaches/Stress/Bottlenecks

Employee Self Service is all of that utility and more for employers and employees. Employee self-service is a web-based application where employees can access and manage everything pertinent to their job. Gone are the days of hold ups in PTO requests, lag in searching for, finding, or viewing paystubs/W2/other critical employee info, or static employee clocking in. Similar to mobile banking, ESS is the enhancement of a previously complicated and archaic system. Employees can view and adjust almost everything that previously took up time and money for the Human Resources department. ESS allows employees to work with you and not for you.

During high school, I worked for a local pizza place. We had a very old school system of each employee independently and verbally letting the managers know when we (the employees) could and could not work, which they collated and compiled into a paper calendar of everyone’s hours. My time off requests consisted of letting my manager know when I needed a day off and praying she remembered to schedule me off. It was an inefficient and annoying process to say the least. Work schedules and my social life would have been insanely easier had we integrated an ESS system.

ESS Creates Efficiency and Engagement

ESS propagates efficiency and transparency throughout every facet of the company. It puts the responsibility of HR processes in the hands of the people they impact. ESS brings the same sense of accessibility that mobile banking brought to me because ESS is inherently web based. The great thing about it is the utility of being able to stretch into so many different industries and still have the same positive impact. Employee self-service allows employees to view their schedule, manage paid-time-off, access all pay information and so much more. Effectively utilizing an employee self-service system immediately and continuously pays dividends for both the employer and employee.

I feel lucky to finally be working for a company that finally incorporates an Employee Self Service system. I have used it to print off paystubs for proof of income, update my profile when I moved into a new apartment, schedule time off and so much more. I did all of those processes on my personal computer or smartphone, making all of the tasks easy and accessible. Utilizing an ESS system alleviated all behind-the-scenes concerns, allowing me to fully focus on my job.

Be sure to come back next week and read why YOU should be using Employee Self Service.