Why Customer Service is Still Important for Software Companies

I get the opportunity to use a lot of different software; whether that be for sales, marketing, or even our web conferencing software. There are pros and cons to all. All software companies want their software to be intuitive and user friendly, but that is easier said than done, hence the need for customer service. Even the best software companies need a solid backbone of customer service otherwise people would stop using their product. Here are 3 of the most important elements to SaaS customer support.

Multichannel Support

There are multiple forms of communication now, and everyone prefers something different, it just depends on your personality. Some prefer calling to speak with someone directly, while others prefer emailing or even reaching out with social media. A newer form of support that I am beginning to like is live chatting with a representative. To ensure there is no miscommunication of information, screensharing allows each party to know exactly what is going on. This allows companies to thoroughly address your issues in a timely manner. Whatever method you prefer, your provider should offer multiple channels to best support you.

Fast Support

Please, please get back to me in a timely manner! A fast customer service response to me is the easiest way to make a good impression. Time is money and with multiple SaaS companies out there this is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. I obviously reached out because I have a problem and I need an answer, I can’t wait all day for a response. It really doesn't matter what I want or need, and you may not even have the answer right away, but by responding quickly you will have a better chance of diffusing the situation and delighting your customer. Whatever your question is, there should be someone on the other end to quickly address your concerns.

Intelligent Support

You need to be knowledgeable about your software. That doesn't mean you need to know every in and out (even though that would be nice), it just means that you need to have a good understanding and the right resources. And by having the right resources, I mean using a customer relationship management system to organize and keep track of my previous questions. Even without having all the answers, a great set of resources will greatly help your experience.


SaaS isn't all about the software. You can have the most user friendly software but with terrible service, and you will find that people will not use your product. It is important to offer multiple channels, quick responses, and intelligent support for your customers.