Why I love working for a “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” Winner

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being an empowered woman in the “business” world when I grew up. I wanted to dress up in a clean suit and have that ambitious, confident attitude with the motivation to surpass my career goals. I dreamed of climbing up the corporate ladder, but with class, authenticity, and earning my way up respectively as a woman. Fast forward 15 years and here I am. While I don’t work for a corporate company or wear a suit daily, I have successfully established myself in the “business” world and have been promoted within multiple companies, including Dominion. Dominion has helped me greatly, always pushing me to be my very best. I was hired in as a Client Solutions Representative at Dominion, a fancy title for customer service. I was promoted and am now the Marketing Specialist here at Dominion Systems, Inc., a payroll and human resource management (HRM) company. I have many more years to work hard and keep improving myself professionally, but I am happy to share how working at Dominion, specifically, has helped me continue my success.

What is Dominion Systems?

Let me first share a little bit of background on Dominion Systems. Dominion is a payroll and HRM Software as a Service (SaaS) company founded in 1970. We build, produce, and continuously update every part of our software, in-house. We then have other departments that partner and work closely with our clients. Our software products include Payroll, Time & Attendance, and HR Management products, which include Onboarding, Applicant Tracking, Benefits Administration, and Leave Management. We conveniently host Employee Self Service as a user-friendly feature that streamlines directly with payroll and other products. Having a cloud-based payroll software all stored online, we are able to efficiently and effectively work with clients all over the United States. Our main office is in Grand Rapids, MI but we have an additional office in Rochester Hills, MI. Headquartered in West Michigan, we are effectively able to interact face-to-face with many of our local clients. We are happy to give an in-person demo or even drop in and say hello and make sure payroll and our software are going well.

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Dominion has just over 50 employees. Working for a small to mid-sized company has enabled me to grow more than I could have imagined and I am so grateful for it. When I come to work every day, I don’t feel like a stranger to other departments or just a head in a seat. I’m Katie Vellucci and my coworkers and management value my skills and respect me as a person. With an open office layout, I can interact easily with my team and other departments as necessary.


Client Solutions Representative to Marketing Specialist

Since starting at Dominion, I have felt nothing but encouragement to be confident, share my ideas, and utilize my skills that enable myself, as well as Dominion, to grow. As mentioned, I was hired in as a Client Solutions Representative. I had the pleasure of working under a great manager and supervisor who taught me a lot about our software. They believed in me and my skills, encouraged training and development of new skills, and were a large part in preparing me to take the next step in my business career and move to the marketing department. As a Client Solutions Rep, I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to all clients, including the tough, straightforward ones. I learned patience, flexibility, and persistence. After gaining valuable experience deep in our software and talking to multiple clients daily, I knew I was ready to move to Dominion’s Marketing department.

With a new position came a new manager. I quickly learned how to adapt effectively and to appreciate the diversity of working under different management styles. In fact, I appreciate that all of the managers at Dominion are very knowledgeable and willing to help. My current manager trusts his employees to get their job done and gives us the flexibility to do so. This can be very admirable as an employee. He gives us the tools to succeed, we perform, and then there are results that prove it. Working for Dominion in their marketing department allows me to invest in my job passionately. I love that part of my job entails analyzing data to produce quality content that generates leads. Within a marketing department, comes a marketing team. We work and communicate differently, but there is a strong team mentality and I appreciate that. I know other companies and teams aren’t so lucky.

West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Award Winner

Dominion Systems won an award for being West Michigan’s 2017 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. Best and Brightest strive to recognize the most influential, trend-setting companies across the country. With Dominion being a payroll and HR software company, specifically with many HR tools, it only makes sense that we execute what the most “influential and trend-setting” companies do. We utilize our proprietary software to efficiently attract new hires (Applicant Tracking System), install them in our software (Onboarding), keep track of timekeeping and time-off (Time & Attendance), enable employees to enroll in their benefits online (Benefits Administration), and pay them (Payroll) promptly with no mistakes. We have won 4 times and hope to win again in 2018. Like other Best and Brightest winners, Dominion excels at Employee Education and Development, Work-life Balance, as well as other topics. Dominion Systems has enabled me to personally grow my career and strive to be the best woman in the “business” world that I can be. From the CEO to the peers working beside me -- everyone at Dominion exudes a willingness to help and encourage growth.

Employee Education and Development

Dominion Systems respects learning and that is why they empower their employees with the tools and resources necessary to keep learning and improving themselves. We host “Dominion University” classes that share a variety of different topics to help educate our employees on business and HR trends. We are given online resources and have the opportunity to further our education while employed here. When I first started, I, like all new employees, had to complete and receive a Fundamental Payroll Certification. I’m thankful they value continuous learning as there is always something new to know and you always have an opportunity to improve yourself.

Work-Life Balance

Office Yoga.jpg

Here at Dominion Systems, we also have a philosophy of “work hard, play hard”. I am grateful I work for a company that encourages productive time outside of the office. Whether it be an employee attending their child's holiday party at school or running to the bank during office hours, our company understands life happens. While we spend most of our time at the office with coworkers, we all have a life outside with family, friends, and for me, dogs. We are given great benefits such as awesome PTO as well as VTO (volunteer time off). One of my favorite things about Dominion is how we give back to our community. There are options for everyone to volunteer their time. We collect and donate items to organizations like Toys for Tots and the Kids’ Food Basket annually, and we even participate in charity events. I love getting out of the office spending time with my coworkers and feeling good about helping others. Our commitment to helping out our community starts with Dominion’s President and CEO, Jud. He generously matches what we donate to Toys for Tots and enables employees to participate in the Coast Guard Festival Run if they want to. He even runs with us! It was really cool to bond with our President and get to know him on a more personal level. Not many companies can say they have that opportunity. Recently, thanks to Jud, we brought yoga into the office before the work day starts. We practice in our new quiet space. Everyone, including myself, has loved this benefit. Practicing yoga promotes a clear mind and decreased stress, preparing us for the work day, which leads to greater production and quality work. Lastly, I enjoy that my coworkers care about other coworkers’ lives outside of the office. We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, host baby showers and more. Read more on ways employers can promote a healthy work-life balance. Overall, I am happy I accepted that Client Solutions position at Dominion Systems. I’m thankful for all of the managers guiding me to grow, my coworkers for working with me as a “teammate”, and for all of the skills and knowledge I have learned and will continue to gain. I truly look forward to continuing my time at Dominion and encourage everyone to learn more about Dominion today!

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