Why Should I Care? SaaS Benefits for Non-Profits

Have you ever purchased a “one-size-fits-all” piece of clothing and found that even though it certainly fits, it looks completely wrong? (Sure the skirt waist is right, but you weren’t planning on having a train that rivals a wedding dress!) How about having eaten at Subway, where the menu boasts nearly 37 million different sandwich combinations—surely there’s an option for everybody somewhere in there! (But anybody who’s anybody knows to order honey oat.) Even getting a gym membership is marketed as being the right choice for anyone—that’s why they offer different classes, trainers, and machines perfect for all levels of fitness.

We live in a society that often promises something will be useful for or offer a certain type liked by EVERYBODY-from the clothing we wear, food we eat, and things we do. Truth is, that’s sometimes a bit of a stretch. (No matter how hard you try, you will find there is never going to be a good tasting fluoride at the dentist’s office.)

However, there are some things in life that do have significant benefits for everyone, even if you don’t see them at first, and SaaS software falls into this category.

When it comes to online payroll, HR, and time-keeping, these tools may seem too complex or expensive for companies that have limited funds or fall on the small side. However, there are some significant benefits that deserve attention, especially when it comes to these software services and the needs of non-profit organizations.

Attracting the Right People

Non-profits are known for being “volunteer-based” and often desire workers who are driven more by their passion to make a difference rather than get paid significant chunks of money. They want employees to identify strongly with the mission of the organization and have the same vision—not that for-profit businesses don’t want that as well, but non-profits often have limited funds to pay employees with and heavily rely on their employees’ motivation and desire to fuel their efforts rather than monetary gain. In order to find the best fits for a particular non-profit, that organization needs to get their name out there, which requires advertising where there prospects are—online. A software feature like applicant tracking allows a non-profit to profile job openings as well as they can on a platform that makes it easy for interested individuals to apply. Not only does applicant tracking reduce the amount of time the interviewing process can take, (you can send an automatic email to prospects whose resumes don’t make the cut) but it also will attract the right applicants. A clear description will eliminate time spent interviewing people who won’t take the job once they find out the pay rates.


Anyone can start a non-profit; you could start a foundation for one-legged penguins today if you wanted to! However, while anyone can do it, EVERYONE still has to follow rules, guidelines, and paperwork issued by the IRS and government. This can be a confusing and time-consuming process. Having SaaS implemented into your non-profit gives you access to professionals who know payroll and tax processes inside and out—they are more than happy to help you figure out the office work so that you can in turn focus more of your time and energy into what you’re passionate about. Additionally, this software is always being updated to meet new requirements, removing the burden from your shoulders of always having to keep up on laws, forms, and restrictions that keep changing. This way, taxes required of your business are paid on time, every single time.


Additionally, online HR and payroll keeps everything in an organized, secure location—but it goes further than that. Certain software is extremely compatible with non-profit organizations because it allows them to attach important documents to an employee’s account, remind employees of upcoming events, and receive key personal information from employees with the click of a button, instead of spreadsheets or sign-ups (which comes in handy when you need to find out everybody’s T-shirt size for the outreach event next month).


Besides continuing to update the necessary information being recorded, the continual revitalization of the software affects multiple areas of the payroll and HR world. Having SaaS software that manages benefits ensures packages being offered are competitive and worker eligibility is up-to-date. Since non-profits can’t always offer stellar paychecks, they can make sure they are competitive with benefit packages available to employees.


SaaS software IS for everybody; just for different reasons. Non-profits are no exception. Whether it’s the extra assistance for filing taxes or applicant tracking helping attract the right people to your organization, SaaS offers non-profits time-saving and stress-relieving benefits that alleviate some of the tasks required for running organizations . By ensuring that your business is doing what it needs to behind the scenes, SaaS allows you to have more time and energy for focusing on changing things for the better, whether that’s protecting stray animals, running a library cart for the homeless, or giving underprivileged kids something to smile about.