You Don’t Need to Preach About Company Culture: Do These 5 Things Instead

Buzzwords don’t make a successful company but talking about company culture is a hot topic in the business world. The fact is that time and energy could probably be spent on tangible, implementable programs rather than the latest trends (looking at you nap pads and office hammocks).

And while it’s tempting to think your company culture is your friendly office dog, morning yoga, and weekly happy hour, it’s not. These are contributing factors in creating a positive and supportive workplace, but they’re not the extent of it. Before you think about buying new t-shirts or stocking the fridge with nitro coffees, do the following first.

Implement trackable processes and tangible benefits

Instead of preaching about your distinctive company culture, start implementing trackable processes, programs, and policies that directly impact the well-being of your employees.

1. Spend the time to onboard and train your new hires

Structured job training and onboarding are incredibly beneficial to your organization. Organizations that implement a structured onboarding and training programs have a 50 percent higher retention rate than employers who don’t.

Structured onboarding makes new employees feel valued and equipped to do their job straight out of the gate. And an employee who feels confident in their new role isn’t nearly as likely to look for a new job outside of your organization.

An onboarding software ensures you’re documenting the right information while staying compliant.

2. Offer Benefits with Real Value

Benefits are the core of a great company culture. And while offering employee benefits may seem costly, keep in mind employee turnover costs, on average, about 20% of an employee’s salary.

But when employees don’t have to worry about paying for a visit to the dentist or picking up a prescription, they’ll be more engaged at work. And higher engagement leads to higher rates of productivity and goal completion.

Dominion’s Benefits Administration software is designed to take the confusion out of shopping for health care benefits. Request a demo to simplify your next open enrollment.  

3. Simplify PTO requests

Giving your employees paid time off isn’t mandatory, but if you don’t offer PTO, you’ll lose out on top talent and your recruitment pipeline will dry up. If you do offer paid time off, the next step is to simplify the process for requesting and approving PTO requests.

Invest in a Time Off software that eliminates paper requests. Dominion’s Time Off feature allows employees to view a breakdown of approved, pending, and available balances through their online Employee Self Service portal. Once they submit a request, it will be instantly emailed to the appropriate supervisor, where they will then have the ability to accept or deny it. ]

4. Help your employees meet their retirement goals

Everyone wants enough money to retire. But millennials, who now make up the largest generational segment in the workplace, can barely afford to pay off student loans. Setting aside 15% of every paycheck for retirement is a wish many only hope to see come true. But they can get close if you offer a 401(k) and an employer match for contributions. Your employees will thank you for it.

If you can’t afford to offer retirement programs, consider implementing a financial wellness program to educate your employees about saving tips, IRAs, and other retirement strategies.

5. Conduct Performance Reviews

Performance reviews give trouble to businesses large and small. However, tracking employee goals, giving structured feedback, and rating competencies are greatly beneficial to organizations of all sizes.

If you’re unsure where to start with performance reviews, consider these 4 categories to get you off the ground.

If you’re ready to enhance employee engagement and administer your reviews efficiently, Dominion is here to help improve productivity around the office.

What comes next?

It’s tempting to fall into company culture cliches in an attempt to cover up larger organizational problems. But no amount of free food will replace trackable processes and a competitive 401(k) match.

If you’re able to implement the processes listed above, your employees will naturally create a thriving company culture because they’ll feel confident and positive about their work environment.