adventure credit union | Grand Rapids, Michigan

After running into some mistakes with their ADP payroll, Adventure Credit Union decided to start shopping software providers. They trusted Dominion to handle their payroll and HR processes and continue to have success in running a more efficient office by doing so. 

Amstore Corporation | grand rapids, michigan

Lack of automation and frustration with Paychex's report writer lead Amstore to begin shopping for a new payroll and HR software. Once they had a demo with Dominion and were able to see the technology used by the IT team they knew they found their new software.

Grace Centers of Hope | Pontiac, Michigan

Spending hours on payroll each week and not getting the support needed from customer service led Grace Centers of Hope to shop their payroll and HR software. A key factor in their decision to use Dominion was the single-source solution, which would eliminate the need to key in payroll inform. 

Health care associates | grandville, michigan

When Health Care Associates began to expand they realized they were not going to be able to handle payroll in-house for much longer. At the time they were using Quickbooks and doing a lot of manual work; learn how they transitioned from in-house to SaaS and obtained a more automated process. 


Before using Dominion, Sunshine Toyota called their payroll into ADP. The Payroll Specialist had never used software before, much less software to run business processes. Find out how they've made the switch from ADP to Dominion a success.

Envirologic | Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN

Before using Dominion, Envirologic was using an In-House service called Sage Abra. They made the switch to Dominion back in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. The Accounting Manager at Envirologic, Sue Steele, states that Dominion has helped her achieve her company’s mission on a number of levels.