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Health Care Associates | Grandville, Michigan

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When Health Care Associates began to expand they realized they were not going to be able to handle payroll in-house for much longer. At the time they were using Quickbooks and doing a lot of manual work; learn how they transitioned from in-house to SaaS and obtained a more automated process. 

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About Health Care Associates

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Grandville, MI

Employees: 360

Why Us: No Dual Entry, Local, Adjustments


“Quickbooks payroll is really built around 1-100 employees, and we have many more than that, so we were getting nervous about how that would work out. So that was the moment we decided we didn’t want to risk breaking the system.”

— Tammy Stevens

From In House to SaaS

Before using Dominion, Health Care Associates processed their payroll with Quickbooks software. Once they started to experience more and more growth it became clear that Quickbooks was no longer going to be the best software to handle their needs.


The switch from Quickbooks to Dominion allowed Health Care Associates to eliminate dual entry between software pieces and provided peace of mind because of the automatic tax filing. With Quickbooks, the tax filing had to done manually which left room for error.

Why Dominion

Once they knew they needed to find a more robust system, they began meeting with different payroll software companies. They interviewed Paycor, Paychex, and Dominion Systems, and ultimately made the choice to migrate their payroll to Dominion. “What appealed most to us about Dominion is that you are local. Many reviews on [Paycor and Paychex] said they didn’t feel like they were getting personalized attention. It was very comforting to know we would get a human on the phone if we had any questions.”

Added Functionality

When asked what part of the software they love the most, they noted how helpful it has been to run adjustment checks. Additionally, with Quickbooks if they missed the payroll deadline, their employees would not get paid on time; since using Dominion they take comfort in knowing they have the option to run a same-day payroll, which will not have an impact on their employees.

“There were times I’d wake up in bed and wonder if I had entered the tax payment. I really like not having to do that now. There’s a lot of peace of mind.”

— Tammy Stevens

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