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Sunshine Toyota | Battle Creek, Michigan

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Before using Dominion, Sunshine Toyota called their payroll into ADP. The Payroll Specialist had never used software before, much less software to run business processes. Find out how they've made the switch from ADP to Dominion a success.

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About Sunshine Toyota

Industry: Car Dealership

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Employees: 75

Why Us: Reporting, Customer Service, ROI


“What Dominion did for us with the advent of the Affordable Health Care Act was exceptional. Although I won’t pretend that I really understand it any better the help we received was invaluable.”

— Heidi Peterson

What Frustrations did you face with your previous provider?

They were too expensive and it was hard to get our questions answered.

Why did you choose to switch to dominion?

The friendliness of the salesperson and the ease of the programs. Dominion made everything seamless. They sent an in-house trainer and answered every question. Years later, we know that if we have any issues, someone will help us quickly.


How is Dominion different than other software you tried?

Everyone is extremely friendly. Any other company we call to ask questions, makes us feel that we're inferior. We deeply appreciate the kindness and patience of everyone at Dominion.

What is your favorite feature? Why?

The instant turn-around once we enter payroll on-line. We can immediately print all of our reports, expense what's needed and know how much money will be coming out of the bank the next day.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend our software?

The ease. The fact that payroll is no longer something to stress over. We do very little on our end and know that the money will be deposited for our employees and we have no tax worries.


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