DominionNews July 2015

Affordable Care Act Updates

On July 15th, we hosted a webinar designed to inform clients of new Affordable Care Act rules and regulations and how Dominion will assist in the reporting of those rules and regulations. Dominion’s goal is to provide you with the proper tools to stay compliant and avoid IRS penalties. Claire Manz, our Product Strategist, gave a presentation that dove into what is changing, how it’s changing and how Dominion’s software helps keep you ahead with all things ACA.

You can learn more on our site and view the webinar by clicking here.

Applicant Tracking and Onboarding

We recently had a number of clients come into the Dominion office for user groups with our UI/UX Designer, Abigail McClung. We wanted to see what our clients are looking for in our continuing enhancements to applicant tracking and onboarding.

A lot of a really good ideas and designs came out of the user groups. One critical aspect was prioritization. Gaining a better understanding of client’s needs when it comes to ATS and onboarding has really helped us design the best possible user experience and interface. We’ve shifted the repetitive aspects of onboarding (data entry, government compliance, getting info from new hires) from the employer by putting the responsibility onto the employee. This shift represents our goal to streamline the hiring process for our clients and alleviate the stress of onboarding, letting you get back to more crucial HR objectives.

If you’re interested in participating in future user groups, please email and you’ll be kept aware of any and all updates.

Open Enrollment

Is your company’s open enrollment coming up? Check out our Benefits Administration software, designed to simplify open enrollment for you and your employees. If you're interested in learning more you can watch a demo here or contact sales for more information.

YouTube & Resources

Did you know our YouTube channel is filled with resources that may be helpful to you and your employees? If you need a refresher on our software, or you’ve recently added a new employee and need an easy way to catch them up, simply go to our YouTube page and find the appropriate trainings.

Have a suggestion for a training video we should offer? We’d love to hear it! Email and let us know what you’d like to see!

New Employees

This past quarter we added seven new members to our team. Please welcome Bailey, Ericka, Bronson, Valerie, Melony, Will and Chris! Bailey and Ericka have joined our marketing department; Bailey is full time, while Ericka will be with us for the summer as an intern.

Bronson and Will are working in our operations department. Melony has joined our professional services department, Chris has joined the IT team and Valerie is working in client solutions.

As always, we’re excited to expand our team to ensure the best software and experience possible for your back office processes.

Time & Attendance Promotion

We are running a promotion on time and attendance for clients who are not already utilizing that portion of the software. If you’re interested in adding time and attendance on to your payroll software, please contact the sales department for more information either by phone or email. 800.369.5097 |