DominionNews July 2016

Time & Attendance Promo

Recently, the Department of Labor announced that they will be updating the overtime exemption rate. This change will become effective December 1, 2016, and will require employers to pay exempt workers a minimum salary of $47,476. This upcoming change has challenged many businesses to re-evaluate whether their current employee classifications hold true and if so, how to go about the required adjustments. Many businesses are turning to Time & Attendance software in order to stay compliant and track the hours worked in the event of an audit. To assist our clients with these changes, we are currently running a promotion where you get the first month free if you sign up for Time & Attendance through Dominion.

To get more information you can follow the link below or call Claire Manz at 616.243.8145

Time & Attendance Promo

Onboarding Update

We are very excited to be able to share some preliminary screenshots of our highly anticipated Onboarding system coming out this fall. With Onboarding you will be able to pass administrative tasks such as data entry to the employee. This product will provide the administrator with a clear view of where the new hire is in their onboarding. Have they set up their direct deposit information? Is their w-4 complete? What about the I-9? Through Onboarding you can monitor this process and simply verify the accuracy of the information when finished.

View more Onboarding screenshots

Case Study Program

Our Marketing team is currently looking for clients who want to be featured in a case study. What is a case study exactly? Well, it’s about 10 questions detailing how you use the software and what you like about it specifically. We cover things such as who you used before Dominion, what your trials and tribulations were, and what you enjoy most about your software. All case studies will be done over lunch and participants will receive a gift card to compensate for their time. If you wish to take part in a case study with us, please send a quick email to Chelsie Cauthon at

Referral Program

In case you missed it, we recently developed a new referral program for those clients who recommend their professional network. Now when you send business our way you will receive a $50 Visa gift card and a discount on your payroll. Here’s how it works: you refer a business to Dominion; once they go live you get your gift card and a percentage off your company payroll (the percentage amount depends on the referred business's size). The benefits don’t stop there! Your referred business will also receive 10% off their first payroll with Dominion. You can refer your network here: Referral Program

New Employees

We are very excited to welcome some new employees to the Dominion family! In our Client Solutions group, we’ve added Jerry, Amber, and Jesse. They are currently learning the ins and outs of the software and will soon be able to assist you when you call-in or IM. Our Operations group has gained some new employees as well - we now have Shauna, Adam, and Dustin taking over that department!