DominionNews October 2016

New Employees

We have some new faces in our office! Join us in welcoming Adam, Kallyn, Ashley, and Garrett. 
Adam previously worked at SalesPad as a Mobile Developer and has now joined our IT Department. Adam will be working on developing a mobile application for our current Time & Attendance software. 
Kallyn is currently a student at Ferris State University here in Grand Rapids and is studying Software Engineering. Kallyn has joined the IT Department as a Software Developer.
Ashley came to Dominion from Flex Administrators where she worked as an Account Manager. Her role here at Dominion will be assisting current clients with additional software needs, much like our Product Strategist, Claire Manz. Ashley and Claire will work together to keep clients informed on new products and features, and how to best use the software.
Garrett was previously the Regional Sales Manager at NYMBUS for the Wilmington, North Carolina branch. He has joined our New Business Development team here in the Grand Rapids office and will be covering territories such as Muskegon and various areas of Kent County.

Upcoming Events

It is that time of year again - The APA Statewide Conference and MISHRM are right around the corner. We will have a booth at both events so stop by and say hello! Our booths will feature free Dominion gear and special giveaways. MISHRM 2016 is October 12th-14th at the Cobo Center while The APA Statewide Conference is October 20th-21st at Firekeepers Casino and Hotel.

Department of Labor Updates

This past May the Department of Labor announced they are raising the overtime threshold from its current place at $23,660 to $47,476. This means many businesses will need to re-evaluate their salaried employees in order to ensure they are correctly labeled in their exemption status. Many businesses are turning to time tracking in order to stay compliant with the upcoming changes. If you’re interested in learning how Dominion can help you track your employee’s hours through Time & Attendance, please request more information here:

Webinar Opt-In

Each month we host a webinar designed to educate HR and Payroll professionals on current topics in the industry. We’ve recently hosted webinars on topics such as the Department of Labor updates, the state of employment in Michigan, Worker’s Compensation, and more. To be included in these webinar invites please sign up for a monthly email invite. Please note that if you opt-in to webinar invites you will still need to register for each individual webinar; the email invite will simply keep you updated on what topics we are presenting on and when. You can sign up for updates here:

Year-End Classes

This year we are inviting clients to join us for a ‘Year End Workshop’ in order to better prepare for year end. On Thursday, November 3rd we will be hosting a series of classes on topics such as Department of Labor changes, Affordable Care Act updates, year-end adjustments, W-2 auditing and more. If you are interested in attending this workshop please sign up here: http://ds.dominionsystems. com/year-end-workshop. Please note in the event that we receive an immense amount of interest we may extend this workshop through Friday, November 4th in order to accommodate everyone. 

Referral Program

Get rewarded when you recommend Dominion to your network! Now when you send business our way you will receive a $50 Visa gift card and a discount on your payroll. Here’s how it works: you refer a business to Dominion; once they go live you will receive your gift card and a percentage off your company's payroll.* The benefits don’t stop there! Your referred business will also receive 10% off their first payroll with Dominion. You can refer your network using the link below:

*The percentage amount depends on the referred business's size

Case Study Program

Our Marketing team is currently looking for clients who want to be featured in a case study. What is a case study exactly? Well, it’s about 10 questions detailing how you use the software and what you like about it specifically. We cover things such as who you used before Dominion, what your trials and tribulations were, and what you enjoy most about our software. All case studies will be done over lunch and participants will receive a gift card to compensate for their time. If you’d like to check out some past case studies we have put together you can do so here: 

To take part in a case study with us, please contact Chelsie Cauthon at

EEOC Filing

We are excited to announce a new feature called EEOC Filing which will allow you to generate a file straight from your employee information to submit to the EEOC. Every year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) gathers workforce data from employers that have more than 100 employees. If an employer meets this threshold they have a legal obligation to provide data to the EEOC by September 30, 2016.

For more information on EEOC Filing or to have the feature activated, please contact our Client Solutions Department.

Benefits Administration Update

Over the next quarter we have multiple releases scheduled for our Benefits Administration software. One of the larger updates you will notice in the coming months is the ability to have Plan Types which will reside within a Plan Category. Each Plan Type will act as a 'plan setup template', providing a dynamic method to display the necessary questions/ input fields for each type of Benefit Plan. Our initial focus has been on the Life Category, which includes Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D).

Make sure to check your Dominion Alerts for more information as we post informational updates with each release. 

Onboarding Promotion

We are excited to announce the official release of our much-anticipated Onboarding platform. With Onboarding by Dominion Systems, you can further streamline the hiring process and create a smoother transition from ‘Candidate’ to ‘Employee’. Clients who sign up for Onboarding by October 31st will receive their first 6 months free. Sign up here to get Onboarding free until April 1st.