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Time, Integration, Tax Reporting, Fit

When comparing Dominion with Basic, I remember that the pricing wasn’t really all that
different. It was clear to us, however, that Dominion was simply a better fit for our company. There was a better connection between the knowledge of implementation and the merging of all the data within our software.
— Sue Steele

Dominion Makes Running the Company Easy

Before using Dominion, Envirologic was using an In-House service called Sage Abra. They made the switch to Dominion back in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. The Accounting Manager at Envirologic, Sue Steele, states that Dominion has helped her achieve her company’s mission on a number of levels. For Sue, running the company is simple due to how easy it is for her to process payroll. Before it would take a full day to accept, but now she’s able to narrow it down to just an hour or two, allowing her to focus on other aspects of her job and allin-all being able to streamline her business processes.

Finding the right 'Fit'

In addition to Dominion, the team at Envirologic was also looking at Basic. One of the major reasons they chose Dominion is because the saleswoman at the time wasn’t simply selling the product; she knew how that product would work and how to make it fit with our organization. Sue also said they felt very knowledgeable about how Dominion’s software would actually work, and they weren’t disappointed after they made the switch. There was a four month period where they didn’t have an accounting manager, which resulted in a lot of late nights for the management team. Sue said it was really helpful to have Dominion around to answer all of their questions and it made the whole transition much easier.

Tax Reporting Made Easy

One of the major points Sue brought up a number of times is the relief and comfort that comes with Dominion’s Tax Reporting. Dominion doesn’t simply make it easy for her to report - we do it for her! Before making the switch, Sue says reporting all of their tax deposits took up the majority of her time. However, now all that work is completely eliminated so she doesn’t have to worry about it at all.

When asked her advice for somebody who might be interested in switching to Dominion, Sue replied with a resounding ‘Do it’. “It has been so helpful,” she says, “and we are so happy with that decision.”